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Use of icy hot during pregnancy

My wife is at week 21 and we weren't thinking and she used Icy hot to treat a sore neck 30% methyl salicylate.  Since then (a few hours ago), we found on the net it linked to birth defects in rodents.   How concerned should we be about one application and how soon should we be following up with a physician if we should be?


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My OB said it was OK to use icy hot after the first trimester.
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I would worry more if it was on her back or belly area. I wouldnt think the neck could matter to much. Just check with your ob about it before using again. Every docter is different in their opinion.
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my doctor said that stuff like that doesnt get too much in your blood stream so it was fine to use.  i used it a lot when i was pregnant and my baby doesnt have any birth defects at all.
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I use BioFreeze which is close to the same stuff on my back and my doctor and chiropractor have both okay'd it after the first trimester.  
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Thanks everybody.  Got similar advice on a another forum.  First pregnancy so we're kind of skittish from time to time.  We will check with her doc before using it again.  Probably opt for a heating pad or something just in case.  
Again, thanks all.
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