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Vaginal Area Changes

Hi Ladies:

I'm wondering if anyone can help me.  My husband has me all freaked out over what is probably nothing.

First, a little background.  I'm in a wheelchair permanently so I sit all the time.  I had a baby 2-years ago via c-section where my uterus turned inside out at delivery and has never been the same.  This will be a graphic message so I apologize ahead of time!  I just want to give a clear picture.

Last week, I had a yeast infection so I treated it with Monistat 1.  Everything cleared up though I was still horribly itchy a couple days ago.  It's really hard to get me 100% clean down there in the shower so I am always cleaned with baby-wipes and such after I go to the bathroom.  Anyhow, since there was absolutely no redness, my husband wanted to "inspect" me to make sure I had gotten all the yeast infection cream out.  There was still some in there around my vagina and clit and that was irritating me.  He got it all cleaned out but wanted to know what this "bulge" as he called it was.  I have had this "bulge" near my vaginal opening since I had my daughter and it is not painful.  It seems to get bigger when I am aroused or around the time I'm due to start my period.  I have always blown it off to the blood-flow changing down there with my uterus complications.  I lean to the left and as my pregnancy progressed, my daughter pushed out the right side of me so my uterus is no longer centered where it was before.  She "fung-shei" my inside :)

He has me all freaked out that it is cancer or something.  I've been bad and not had my gyno appointments because it is horribly painful since I had my daughter.  I wish they would have just taken my uterus out instead of trying to save it.

Any ideas?  Is this probably just a normal change that goes with the way your body changes when you have a baby?

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Because your anatomy is a little different, well, the same, but affected differently, it's hard to say if it's normal or not.  If you have so much pain that you can't bear the thought of a check up, would they perform a hysterectomy on you to relieve the pain?
If you've had it since the birth, I wouldn't think of cancer.  It wouldn't hurt to get checked by your Dr., and if the lump is readily visible that your husband can see it, it can at least be checked initially with minimal pain.
My brother spent his life in a wheelchair, as he had spina bifida.  I know that he had many lumps and swelling below the waistline from the pressure caused by sitting all the time.  I would go to the Dr. anyway just to talk about pain management, and to see what they can do to help you with pain.  You shouldn't have to live with it, if there are options to relieve it.  I wish you lots of luck!
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If an exam is so painful that you haven't been willing to go, I would ask the nurse to get the doctor to telephone you, and explain exactly that, and ask if he can prescribe a single-dose painkiller that you can take right before the exam.  
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This may be far fetched, but could it be your cervix? I mean, sitting all the time maybe it's pushed down Hmm, and is it like that all the time or only at arousal?

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