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Valentine's Day Baby!

Went to the dr today.  MY blood sugar is doing well since I've been taking insulin.  My weight is great too!!!  Anyhow, I thought I wanted to do another VBAC but due to some complications, I feel like a C-sect will be the best for me.  If baby Noah doesn't decide to come before then......we are schedule to have a C-sect for 2/14/08!!!  
I am so excited! =)
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Aw how sweet!
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Thats neat, did you guys ask for that day or just scheuled at random?  My cousin was born on feb. 14 also.  What a great gift!
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Cool - we are scheduled right about the same time.  I'd love to keep them in until Valentine's Day - I've always wanted a Valentine's baby.  

You are so lucky!!  At least we have a tentative end date in sight to where we will be able to hold our precious ones!!
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Well I asked my dr when we would schedule and he said 1 week early from my due date (2/21/08) so it would be 2/14!!!  I am so glad =)

Yes It is exciting.  we'll have them before we know it and then we'll be talking about not getting enough sleep!! haahha
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Awwwww! Congrats Vanessa! I am so excited for you. And to have Noah on Valentine's Day. What a great gift!!
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That is too cute.  My niece is a Valentine's Day princess.  She was born in 2006.  That's going to be the best Valentine's day gift ever.  Blessings to you!!
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Thank you Waiting and Prayin4baby!!!!  He truly will be a blessing for our family!
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Oh, that's cool!  My sister in law's due on Feb 14th :)))
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