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Very Bad 2nd period after mc? Anyone?

Hey there...SORRY if this is way to graphic...just a question to see if this sounds normal.  I had US on Dec. 7th (8 weeks) baby measured 6 weeks. Testing adn HCG rising but sac getting smaller. D&C on Dec. 12. Bleeding continued for 2 weeks. Exactly 28 days form D&C had normal Af. Lasted 4/5 days and light. (which is normal for me) Per OPK no ovulation that cycle. 28 days later, Jan 7th started what I thought was normal AF. Began AF in morning and by lunch I was passing blood clots the size of golf balls, bleeding through overnight pads in 30-60 minutes. Called Dr and he said come right in. He examined me and asked if I could have been pregnant again and was having another miscarriage?? Said thought I did not ovulate last cycle. ran bllod test coming back Monday. Said could be just a bad period post MC. Said I could have another D&C or go home and put feet up and wait out the weekend to see. It has let up some but still bad. What do you think this sounds like? Thanks, Chas
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My periods after my miscarriage SUCKED!  But I never passed any clots.

Its possible that the doctor didnt get everything out with your D&C and you didnt ovulate because of this, and now your body is naturally expelling the rest of it.

Sorry your having such a hard time.  Just make sure your not loosing too much blood.  If you get dizzy or are extremley tired all the time.. I would go back to the doctor.  
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hi there, this is so weird, i had a m/c in october, had three normal periods after this, they were all bang on 28days. This months was 4days early, really painful and crampy, had massive clots come out. I am not sure whether it was a m/c as it would of been too early for me to even test or just an aftermath of the m/c. If it was an aftermath i dont know why it would be three months later. A week after my m/c in october i went for a scan to see if everything was gone and it was. Im confused, have not gotta clue what it was this month!

Let me know what happens with u, my bleeding lasted about 6days. Has stopped now
Good luck xx
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