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Vitamin D

I just took a breastfeeding quiz and I got one of the answers wrong about Vitamin D. It stated that formula has Vitamin D added but that breastfed babies need to be given Vitamin D because breastmilk doesn't have Vitamin D. Do any of you breastfeeding mommies give your babies Vitamin D? I've never been told to do this.
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Yes - I was told to supplement with Tri-Vi-Sol - which is a Vitamin D supplement.  I think that it's a fairly "new" recommendation.  I have a 3 year old who I also breastfed and my ped never suggested that.  However the same ped told me to give my 8 month old dd the Tri-Vi-Sol.  I think I had to do it for the first 3-4 months - I can't remember exactly how long she said.
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Hmm...something I never knew. Do you know if I can get this over the counter?
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You can get it at most grocery stores, Target, etc.  I think it's in the same aisle as all the other vitamins....although I'm sure all stores are different.  I know there are two kinds - one with iron and one without.  My dd wouldn't touch the kind with iron - but she loved the other kind....and I think the smell of the iron one was a bit yucky - so I didn't blame her!!  It's called Tri-Vi-Sol - I'm sure you can ask your pharmacist if you can't find it on the shelves yourself.  One other thing (and I'm not sure what your ped told you) - the dosage on the bottle said 1 ml but our ped said to only giver .5ml - just something to check with your doctor...
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I just spoke to my new pediatrician about it (as my in laws were suspecting DD had rickets; long story) and he told me about the breast milk not having vit D which came as a shock to me too.  Which p**sed me off even more that my old pediatrician never even mentioned it and I specifically asked him if I need any vitamin suppliments for DD (now you see why I changed him?)  DD's only 15 months so I'm sure the info's been out for that long.  It's good that you found out now.
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Oh, jenshim, that really hits a nerve. I too was not told or missed out on reading that vitamin D should be given to breastfed babies - and in many cases it may not be a big deal if you don`t, depending on how much sun exposure your little one is getting.
But I had my share of bad surprises. I forgot that I had rickets as a child and only later learned that there was a string of heredetary vitamin D malabsorption cases and rickets throughout several generations in my family. Turns out that my son broke his leg as a little toddler for no dramatic reason and also had severe problems with his tooth enamel despite great efforts with dental hygiene. Clearly bones and teeth are his weakness and I believe I could have spared him a lot of pain if I had beefed up his vitamin D intake during his first year. Nowadays I am mixing the infant vitamin D drops into my son`s drinks once a day, 1mg in addition to giving him more dairy products.
It tastes pretty weird, sweet and bitter - so I wonder how a nursing mother would get her infant to ingest these drops once a day but next time around I would give vitamin D for sure.
Do some more research though on the dosage. I am taking vitamin D supplements myself - and it can make you lose appetite and if hopelessly overdosed, there seems to be risk of calcification of internal organs like kidney stones for example. Great that you posted this.
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Unless we live in a sunny climate all year round, and we get outside every day, we need a supplement throughout the fall and winter and even into the spring. Apparently 100% of us northerners are vitamin D deficient by January 1st...if we don;t supplement. And did you know that a deficiency of vitamin D can lead to cancer and to multiple sclerosis?  Up in the colder north here we have much more cancer and MS.  The country with the highest rate of MS is Scotland which is not surprising considering it's year round rainy climate.  Did you also know that in the tropics MS is almost unheard of?  For Christmas I put a bottle of 1000 IU of vitamin D in the stockings of my teen children every year.  It costs $5 for a 3 month supply. We personally know 3 young people who have recently been diagnosed with MS.  It is a tragic disease that strikes mostly 20 somethings.  So take your 1000 IU of vitamin D, give it to your babies and children and teens and even young adults who are too busy to think of it themselves... and throw in a calcium/magnesium supplement at bedtime for a restful night's sleep. Read what the eminent Dr. Weil has to say on the topic:  http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART02812/vitamin-d
Blue Egg
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our ped has had us giving dd tri-vi-sol since we brought her home. the baby does not receive enough vitamin d or vitamin C through breast milk. dd LOVES her vitamins. we put it in one of her feeds, but she would just as happily lap it up off the dropper. then again, she also loves tylenol.
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OMG!!! Brody RARELY is taken outside. I am getting some tonight, but not after I contact his pediatrician to ask how much. I am so glad I got more responses on this! I think I will need to start taking it, too. I live in MN. It's cold and gray here many days out of the year. It's dark when I walk to work and dark when I leave. I don't have windows at work. No wonder I don't have any energy! Good info. I hope more people see this. Why don't they tell us nursing mothers this???
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I called Brody's doctor to ask her a few questions and brought up the vitamin D issue. She said that it would be a good idea to give it to him being that we are in MN and he doesn't get outside much. She said currently pediatricians go back and forth on what the recommendations should be for Vitamin D and breastfed babies but that the consensus is starting to lean towards giving it to them. Nice to know this now that he is nearly 6 months old!
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i learned this reading it in a package the hospital gave me..i wondered why my aunt had bought me tri-vi-sol lol..i was thinking uhm i gotta give him vitamins??? wtf lol...until i read that info package...
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Thanks Blue Egg, I`ll look up that link. I am always interested in the latest research.

And Jenshim, I didn`t mean to create a panic, after all we in my family have some heredetary problems that are not too common except for some "tribes" of Scandinavian origin. However, there have been so many reports lately, even on reputable radio stations, reporting that vitamin D deficiency can be linked to heart disease and stroke as well. We have some of that in our family as well despite healthy life styles. So it dawned on me that vitamin D may be more important than I ever thought.
I had asked about vitamin D on the Child Nutrition forum, by the way - and the professional answer I received was rather on the cautious side of medical opinions. It did not refer to infants, though. For older children and adults the hot debate is always whether the maximum dosage should be around 200 IU or 1000 IU and more and more it is being said that 200 IU will not be sufficient.
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Hi Jen,

I give it to Rachel too. Dr. said it is very important since I live in Iowa and we don't have her in the sun that much....as it is winter.  It also has iron in it which is important.  I didn't want to give it to her because at first it was a pain, but they it was very important.  I use Tri-Vi-Sol, it is marketed by Enfamil.....it is over the counter and with the other vitamins.  You'd probably find it by the childrens' vitamins.
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