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Vitamin water and pregnancy

I have a quick question, has anyone drank vitamin water?
i tried it today and i really like it but I wanted to know if it was safe to drink while pregnant.
Hope everyone is doing good and hope to hear from you soon.
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that is so funny that you ask. when i got pregnant (march '05) i was very into vitamin water and i asked my dr. if it's ok. he said not a problem. i ended up m/c - which had NOTHING to do with the vitamin water. but since then i haven't been able to drink it. i guess i now associate it with something sad cuz i was drinking lots of it at that time. wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!! enjoy the vitamin water - i especially liked the grapefruit one and the clear one (don't remember flavor).
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Not sure about vitamin water, but I drank lots of dilluted gatorade during my first trimester.  I think a lot of those things are safe, but you could call a nurse at your dr office to make sure.
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it's fine.  we all know that regular water gets really old and boring. i drank vitamin water often and still do i am 21 weeks and no issues thus far!
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I did drink Vitamin Water a few times, but I avoided the ones with vitamin A.  I'd ask your doctor about it--it may be harmless if you only have a couple, but I don't know how much vitamin A is too much.
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I dont know about v/water but i know with my first I was drinking a soda almost every day.If SODA had no efect than I wouldnt worry.About the lady before,about having a m/c while drinking v/water like she said I dont think that anything to do with it.But that really plays tricks on your mind.When I was around six I got the chicken poxs BAd(everywere)My mom would give me kix for breakfast till this day. I can not eat this without iching all over.lol nanis
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