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I'm full blooded italian. I have olive skin. . . . dark brown hair. .. . . brown eyes. . . . .
members from my side of the family have black or brown hair... olive skin ....brown eyes.

My boyfriend is scottish, irish and some other white thing . . . . blue eyes . . . . . white skin.
members from his side of the family have blonde or brown hair, blue eyes, maybe some brown.

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It used to be thought that   all of them will have brown hair and brown eyes,  which is dominant.    If you have no one - literally no one - in your genetic background with blue eyes,  it used to be thought that your chances of producing a blue eyed child are impossible.  

That's no longer true.  Eye color apparently doesn't have complete dominants and compete recessives,  as some other traits have.

If you end up marrying this man,  don't bet on anything but brown hair,  brown eyes in your children because you'd be very likely to lose the bet.  ;D  

But your grandchildren could all be blue -eyed,  especially if they marry blue eyed partners.  
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No telling... My friend is blonde with green eyes married a black guy she has one kid with red hair and green eyes and the other with medium brown skin with dark brown eyes
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Nice job, RockRose.  I might add that Heidi Klum and Seal's kids are all pretty consistent looking, a blend.  That said, it could be that children from the combination of parents you describe might go (in birth order) dark, light, dark, light, dark, as did the kids in my family (born to a blue-eyed blonde and a brown-eyed brunette).  
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My hubby is 100% italian and I am Scottish as well...My 3 kids couldn't look more diffrent!  My oldest daughter has blonde hair w/ the darkest brown eyes and dark skin, my son has dark hair with bright blue eyes,light skin and my youngest daughter actually looks Italian with dark curly hair and dark eyes but still very light complected.  I am sure people questions if they even have the same father!  It's a total crap shoot, you never know what you are going to get!  The dark genes should dominate the light, but that only happened in 1 of my 3.
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My husband and I have similar characteristics . . . light hair, blue eyes, medium tone skin.  My  husband is a twin and his brother is the opposite with  very dark hair, light brown eyes and dark skin.  Guess what----------  one of my children bipassed my husband and I and looks just like my husbands twin.  That is how sneaky genes can be!!
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