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WHY cows milk isn't okay

I have a friend that has a 9 month old baby girl. She has been bottle feeding, but now wants to go to cows milk only.She says that since the baby has received formula this long, it won't hurt to start cows milk just three months earlier than recommended.
I have always breastfed until age 12 months or longer, so I'm not sure what to tell her? It's not okay, right? What things should I tell her are wrong about it?
She says formula is just too expensive, and its not a big deal to do cows milk starting at 9 months.
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Wow Juliana is 9 months & I wouldn't dream of starting cows milk JUST yet.I know they still need the x-tra nutrients & iron for there little brain.It's not recommended till 1 yr.No matter how expensive formula is.
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personally i dont agree with giving a child whole milk until 12-18 months of age but ANYWHO...i got an email from the enfamil website that it was safe to do so 9-12 months...HOWEVER.. i guess this would be keeping in mind that the child is getting ALL of those nutrients elsewhere and is eating like a champ as well as to the doctor's discression..i would however NOT choose to introduce milk so early...especially because i developed an allergy to it BECAUSE i was introduced to it too early...I was 6 months...

this is the email i received...

A nutritional nugget
Between 9-12 months of age, you can start introducing pasteurized, whole cow's milk as well as other milk products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and small cubes of soft cheese or shredded cheese.
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there is more info....
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It's not a big deal to start cow's milk at 9 mos but for digestive reasons, nutrional reasons and for brain development, it is a big deal.

With DD I gave her the 'next step' enfamil until 18 mos and I will with DS too.  Yes, it's expensive but with the way milk is processed now a days...I'm not risking it.

And when I do switch ove it will be organic and hormone free, just like DD gets.
Yes, it's expensive but again....children are expensive.  It's so important to do things that we have control over right with our kids.

There will be enough outside forces enabling them later in life.

I don' t know, I hate when people argue the 'expensive' part of formula, baby food, diapers, etc....no kidding.  Don't people realize this before they have children....It's frustrating to me.  

I provide the best possible for my kids that they consume into their body, etc.  

And I don't have cable or cell phones or computer/video games, etc...We go without in the technological aspects of life. My DD is just fine....she loves swimming, fishing, sandbox....and something else...playing and using her imagination.
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good point deanne...diapers are expensive let's let them run free and pee and poop wherever they please lol...
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Sorry...my post wasn't meant to sound as though I'm preaching...it's just I'm dealing with family issues.

People who are not making the best decisions financially and are yet planning to bring another child into the mix....thinking, we'll figure it out when the kid gets here....no you can't do that.    Parents cannot be so selfish to want kids and kids and kids and then not provide for them.

I want a 3rd child but I need to worry and provide for the ones I have already brought into this world.

sorry Jenny100- it really wasn't directed at your friend.
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deanne i dont think your post sounded as though you were preaching you are however 100% right...children cost money and you have to make sacrifices.. you know it was the first time i bought me something and it was with my tax return...of course i bought ds some stuff too...and you know I feel horrible for having got some socks for myself.. 2 pairs of pants and a few shirts which will be good for quite some time...will be very useful for placement as well...but that's the whole deal with being a mom.. i have friends who alls they do it go out and party...bars, drinking etc...you know i havent taken a drink since new years of 07 and i dont care.. but those around me seem to.. also i havent been out with my friends since oct 06...my son is my number one priority and  going out to the bar to drink or even with a pop and then cab it home and all.. for ONE simple night i could buy him a can of formula which will last him a week...unfortunately not everyone sees things as other people.. and yet they just keep popping more babies.. i am on assistance right now until sept and you know what it is driving me insane because money is so darn tight and yet the majority of society around me is on assistance and keep popping more and more and more babies.. because they dont want to do anything with their lives but sit on their arses doing nothing but partying and then those poor kids suffer...jenny im not saying your friend is like this...but this is all i see around here and it sickens me because if i would have childcare for ds i would have been in school already and if i would have finished school i would be working....thats just how it is...and as much as it hurts me that in 4 months i will no longer be with my baby 24/7 i KNOW what i am doing is the right thing for him to be able to give him everything he deserves so deanne life is life dont worry...i dont think you offended anyone.. if you did it would be someone talking about how their WANTS and NEEDS aren't being met.. but what about the child's needs? now sorry if i offended anyone...(i mean its nice if you can be a SAHM on your partner's salaries thats really nice and you are lucky but i cant believe what i see here.. it saddens me to go to the mall and i get stuff for my ds and i get looked at because i look so young and yet my child is better dressed than i am and heis clean and smells good etc and yet you see some older women and they are dressed to the max and their kids are wearing rags and they are out shopping for themselves... like i said i spent i thought i spent more on me but i didnt..i bought formula for DS and you know i hear people constantly b*tching about how ex[pensive it is.. hey i barely make ends meet and yet i have 8 cans of formula in my cupboards which are 27$ a can so.. i dont need to hear other ppl's bs on how expensive it is.. argh sorry for the venting.. it took pisses me off...
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When I found out my ds would have to go on formula at 4 months old I was devastated for 2 reasons, #1 I was able to breastfeed my dd for 2 years, but after only 4 months I just dried up, and #2 formula is expensive. But my ds was worth it he is so much healthier (he was thinning pretty fast on breast milk). The reason whole milk is bad at 9 months is the lack of nutrients. But if your friend truly can't afford formula maybe she should look into wic. I think when they say you can introduce milk at 9 months i don't think they mean to replace formula with it, just get them used to it.
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Stephanie is right.  Although it can be introduced (although I wouldn't), it cannot REPLACE formula.  It lacks the essential nutrients and vitamins that formula has, and can cause severe anemia if too much is given (ie, if it replaces all formula intake).

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Thanks guys. Don't worry-- I don't mind what you say about it, and am not taking it personally.You are all absolutely right---and I totally agree that you don't skimp on taking the best care you can of your child, just because it costs money. And the thing is, she seems to have money for everything else she wants.So I don't even know about her "money" excuse.I'm pretty sure that she CAN afford it if she wants. Her main argument is: "If its okay at 12 months, I just don't see how 3 less months could make that big a difference"

So just to clarify what I should tell her: It doesn't have the same or enough nutrients or enough iron as formula, and they need those nutrients for brain growth?
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Three months in an infants life are crucial.  The brain is growing by leaps and bounds during that time.  

I just can't see "skimping" on your childs future intellect.  
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Yes, 3 months is major in the development of a child. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I guess nursing made me oblivious to the idea that something is so expensive. Of course, despite rising food costs, my children still get fruits and veggies.

Part of the territory being a mom. It isn't cheap.
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