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We werent even trying but...

GOT A BFP TODAY!  We quit trying in November due to the dissappointments of not conceiving, but low and behold IM PREGGERS! Due to LMP im due October 28th!
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WOW...thats so exciting!!!! I have heard from many people that they concieve after they decide to stop trying!!! I am really happy you are pregnant! Good Luck!
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Thank you so much! Just got back from CVS cause I had to run out and buy more just to make sure, and the First Response came back BFP also!
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That is great news!!!!
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Congrats! I remember when I first got my BFP after I decided to stop trying. Have a healthy happy nine months!
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Congratulations!!!!  I hope you have a great nine months!!
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congrats to you x weve stopped trying also so we'll see what happens x i'll keep you posted xxxxx
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congrats that is soo wonderful..itll go slow and then all of a sudden youl have your lil one and everything will be fast forward...enjoy it:)
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How exciting!  I know so many people that get pregnant once the stop "trying" - you are another one to add to that list!
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Thank you all so much!  I was almost 2 weeks late, and even told DH that I wasnt going to buy an expensive PG test just to tell me I wasnt pregnant. Low and behold I got a BFP Took my 3rd test this morning and it was confirmed again.

Does anyone know of a good doctor in the Fort Worth, Texas area? My last doctor was the best, but he is an hour and a half south of me and my labor tends to go pretty fast, and I just dont think I can make the drive and not have my baby on the side of the highway so I am looking for a new DR. Any suggestions on how to pick a DR thats trust worthy? I am very skeptical of DRs cause so many have been wrong before...Any advise would be GREAT!

And wouldnt you know it, I have misplaced my what to expect when expecting book. Yes this is beautiful baby #4 so I should be a pro, but that book was and is very comforting to me but now cant find it :(
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And im 1 month today!
*funny story* Usually when im even a half a day late, I start trips to CVS to buy PG tests. This month I just knew I wasnt pregnant, so when I finally decided to buy a test, my DH congratulated me for not peeing on everything that even remotely resembles a PG test.
re-reading that story, it sounds better when spoken aloud and when I add my personality and since you cant to that on a computer.... so if you didnt laugh, then im sorry for wasting your time :)
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Great news.  Here is to a healthy and boring 9 months :)
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how exciting!!! congrats
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Congrats and a big hug to you!
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