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Websites and other helpful info??

I've seen a lot of posts with helpful information that was found online, and people will post the various websites from which they found it.

I just wanted to start a thread where we can find all of them in one place. This includes everything from ttc websites, pg websites, baby registries, health product websites (for the eczema and other health topics) etc.. etc...
Since there are soo many websites, please start your post with what TYPE of site you're listing so we can quickly find the site that will help us the most with our particular need.


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Pre-Seed Info and Ordering-

6-pk of Pre-Seed comes with FREE Shipping and 2 FREE hpt strips for $17.50

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Great place and has forums for ttc, miscarriage, first/second/third trimester questions, labor and delivery, mens fears, still born, ttc, signs of pregnancy, infertility, c-sect etc....
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Mrs.Cat told me about www.twoweekwait.com very nice positive, hopeful stories.

Hope2oneday...how's everything going with your bfp?  Did you go to the dr. yet?
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Website with info on everything baby...ttc, ovulation predictor, baby names, etc...


Mami- Hi! I haven't been to the dr yet. My first appt. is 9/12.
I can't wait! I don't think they should make you wait that long, but I guess they have to let the little bugger grow some first, or it would be pointless! LOL I have still been having some dizziness and mild cramping/achiness in the lower abs. But so far, no morning sickness (knock on wood!). I've been thinking how I really don't "feel" pregnant, and wonder if something is wrong with me!
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Nice site for yours as wekk as baby's progress in each week/month etc.Feed in either your EDD or LMP, you get info on how along are you and so on...
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I know, they probably do make you wait so that they can see the baby on the ultrasound.  That's definitely exciting.  I'm sure you are fine, one of my friends did not experience any morning sickness throughout her entire pregnancy so I wouldn't worry about that if I were you.  I would just count my lucky stars and hope that you never do get morning sickness.  My other friend used to get nauseaus from her own saliva and would sit there and spit into a paper towel.  YUCK!!!

Well good luck and I tried preseed last night.  Loved it.  Felt great.  I just hope this helps.

Keep me posted on your experiences.
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hey chicaaa!!! well, i think all those symptoms start around the 7th week or so, so you don't have to worry here for a couple of weeks....just enjoy while you can!!!!!
Have you made an appointment yet for around that time?? you should be able to hear or see a heart beat by then.
Is Tommy boy excited???
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Mami- Thanks! And believe me, I do consider myself lucky so far...
Good luck with your ttc endeavors this month! I will keep my fingers crossed and the prayers flowing! :-)

Nessa- Good lawd, girl! Don't go and ruin it for me by telling me I have a couple of weeks left before I start getting vomicky (that's what I call it when you vomit a lot!) You're going to jinx me!

Tomas ( a little espanol for you ;-) is very excited. He tells me often "This is unbelievable, isn't it?" or "I'm so excited for us!" Then he actually asks ME if I'M excited! LOL Uhhh HELLLO!! I'm the one carrying it...soooo YEAH!! He's too funny.

And my appt. is 9/12...
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A couple I have enjoyed throughout TTC and Pg are



Both of the above have great calendars : ) I also like the free websites available on www.babiesonline.com

www.babyzone.com used to have a great deal of info, but i haven't there in a long time.

ANd one of y fav websites, not pg related, is a freebie one. I get so many samples fro various things that I rarely buy anything new without already having the luxury of trying it first. www.freebiebox.com

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I have just been on that freebie website forever now.  It is awesome!!  I'm a coupon freak!  Thanks for the info.
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Hope2----LOL!!! OMG!!!! i almost spit my drink all over my keyboard and started giggling when i was reading that e-mail of yours!!! you know what?? i should know better, reading your messages and drinking water is not a good combination!! =))
Your experience at the dentist,....you know what?? i think you are a nut, but i think you are not the only one, i am right up there with you in that one. I've never have seen or talked to God, but ...my mom used to know this lady that used to be "special" meaning, she read the tarot cards and she would just be too sensitive with those kinds of things.
One day, while i was dating my ex, (i actually went with him)she told me i wasn't gonna marry him (which at the time made me real upset), that 2 years from then i was gonna meet a person from the north, responsible, loving, about my height and a little "chubby", and i would go to him around sept., oct, or nov.....which i took notes of all that (she made me to)... 2 years later i moved up here to live with my dh (from here for the ones who don't know) and he is exactly how she described him!!!!!!

I belive in things that science can't explain DO exist....!!!
low and da-10---I am glad i squeezed a smile out of you guys, =) Kisses and hugs to all of you guys!!!

Real quick question: so, if i have bd'ed for the past 3 nights (in a row)...and today i got my +OPK should i go for it, or should i wait (for dh sperm to regenerate)??? and for how long??
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Did you bd last night?  If you did it last night I would wait until tomorrow morning for everything to build back up.  I have a really good feeling about this being your month!
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yes, and the night before and the one before!! lol.....do you really??? oh man! i really hope you are right Lau!!! should i wait then for tomorrow morning?? or night???
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I'd do morning since the egg could be right there as we speak!  Ahhh -- doesn't that make you anxious!
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AAAAAAA!!!!! now my hands are all sweaty!!!, so if i release my egg...say right now, can i still have a chance if it's tomorrow morning?? well, i guess i still have my last night back up right?
Oh Lau!!! i am dying now! lol
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Your best chance might be last night but I don't know how those things work.  Maybe it means it's about to be released??  I don't know, I need some help there.

Don't stress!  You can only do your best and it sounds like you guys are trying really hard ;)  Good luck!!
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I think you should do it early in the morning, too. A man's sperm count is higher in the morning. You should have plenty of "stuff" up in you to last through the night, if you've been going at it like rabbits the past few days! LOL

Both of you need to relax before going to bed, then get a good night's sleep...then wake up and do the nasties. ;-)

And I hope you still have some Pre-Seed left!! LOL
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These are some of the websites that I have "saved" over the past few weeks/months...some of them offer many different things, but I still tried to categorize them somewhat.

***Info on endometriosis:


***Help with charting your bbt, etc...



***More ttc and pg websites:








***Really NICE website that has an index so you can easily look up a specific problem/question (carpal tunnel, breast feeding, exercise, etc... I've found it to be VERY informative.


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