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Weight Gain to worry or not

Hi everyone, maybe I am worrying to much but after reading a few posts, I just need to ask. I will be 16 weeks on Saturday, and as of today I have only gained 3 lbs for the past week when I weigh myself some days I gain a pound and the next day I lose it. My pre-pregnancy weight was 118, which makes me think I should have gained more at this point. ( I did not get morning sickness, and my appetite has been healthy. Should I worry??? On a daily basis I do feels twitching and pulling in my lower abdomen, so I am hoping that is a good sign.

Thanks for your thoughts, I HATE WORRYING SOOOO MUCH!
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If your doctor doesn't seem concerned then I'm sure you are fine. My cousins was 120 pre pregnancy weight and only gained 15 pounds when she gave birth. And the baby was almost 9 pounds! And my friends girlfriend started out at 105 and gained 10 pounds, her doctor seemed a little more concerned so she had to write down what she ate and was put on a carb only diet, they also told her she couldn't eat just a salad for dinner. But all is well, she had a very healthy 8 pound baby. I think some women just have a very good metabolism and pregnant or not, they don't gain much. Also, consider yourself lucky you didn't get morning sickness, I am 7 weeks and have had it for about a week, and sick of it! I lost 5 pounds in 3 days. Good luck and congrats!!!!
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i was like you, pre-pregnancy weight 105, didnt gain anything, and at my 16 week app. my doctor told me to gain 10 lbs by the next week, i didnt and everything went fine, by the time i was 40 weeks i gained 60+ lbs, so when you start gaining you might not be able to stop;)
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Ya, don't worry.  When I got pg the first time, I weighed 114.  I didn't gain anything my first trimester, and didn't even know I was pg until 9 weeks.  Believe me, it was made up for.  I delivered a healthy full term baby, and I weighed 169.  Don't fret, as long as you eat healthy and take vitamins, your safe.
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With my first pregnancy I lost 15 lbs. from the start and then didn't gain till after 20 weeks, gained 23 lbs. total, so I was only 8 lbs. heavier than my prepregnancy weight.  I was in great shape too, just got married and had worked hard to get really fit for the dress.  This time I'm still in my ideal weight range, maybe a little under (lost weight during a preganncy that ended in m/c just a month before this one) and lost a good 10 lbs. from morning sickness this time, have only put on 13 lbs. by 33 weeks.  I just could not gain again till after 20 weeks again.  I wouldn't worry if you are gaining already and your Dr. is not concerned.  You put on most of the weight at the end anyway because right now your baby is still pretty small.  Wait till they start packing on the weight at the end, then you can't stop it.  
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Do not worry...I lost ten pounds the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy (pre-pregnancy weight 132 lbs)...I had the worst "all-day sickness" and wasn't able to keep anything down.  It made no sense because I had the "baby bump".  I had the same pulling sensation and it is basically all your insides moving and growing ans stretching to accomodate you growing belly.
For other reasons, I was having an ultrasound every two weeks and my OB said that the baby was growing fine and weight loss was common and that soon I will start gaining weight.  Well, at my 12 week appt, wouldn't you know it- I gained three pounds.  Never thought that I would say it, but I was never happier.  
Sure enough, by the end of my second trimester I was packing on the pound and the week before my daughter was born, I had gained a total of 42 lbs.
Fortunately, 5 months later, I have lost it all and then some.
As long as you baby is growing and heartbeat is good, you can put you mind at ease.  Just take care of yourself and remember to eat healthy.
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Thanks everyone for all your comments, I would have responded sooner, but I was out of town over the weekend. I do have a DR appt on the 21st. but it was reassuring to hear others in the same situation. I have decided that as long as I am eating healthy (except for a few double whoppers from Burger King) and I am taking plenty of vitamins. I know I am giving the baby all the nutrients it needs.
Thanks again everyone, hopefully I can start giving out some reassurance to someone soon!
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