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Weight Gain/Diet Restrictions

Hi everyone, I know that this subject has been dicussed over and again on this board, but I need some advice. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second and have gained 15 lbs. I feel gross as it is mostly in my behind and my hips.  Its very depressing as with my first, I was all stomach.

Before I became pregnant, I was doing the low to no carb thing for about a year.  When I became pregnant I started eating 'normally' again, including pasta, bread, potatoes.  I indulge in some treats once in a while or even just a cookie or two a day...nothing crazy, but it would seem as though my body is absorbing all these carbs it didnt have for a year!!

My question is this....if I stuck to eating a healthy rounded diet, including dairy, veggies, fruit, meat, cereal grain....would it be so bad if I discontinued eating potatoes/pasta/bread on a regular basis (I wouldnt cut it out completey, just limit to maybe a day or two per week). I dont want to call this a diet for I am not looking to lose weight, I just want to slow down my gain.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you!
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Im only 11 weeks (almost) But I have gained 13 lbs allready. Its not unusual for me though. With all 4 of my pregnancies I gained 10lbs right away, then my weight gain slows down. In fact my last two pregnancies I actually lost a few lbs in the end, so that my total weight gain was around 15 lbs.
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Since that is what you'd have if you had gestational diabetes I see no problem
Balanced is the key!
I am feeling very big bottomed and theighed too (ive gained 30 pounds so far and hate protein and am limited on physical activity)  I am sure it will be a bear to lose
good luck
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Thanks for the advice!!

How far along are you?
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Thanks for the website...but I think I can do it myself without having to shell out the 29.95!
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As always, discuss any "diet" with your doctor. Even if it is just cutting back on some things, they should be able to tell you the healthiest way to do this and what is considered safe and not safe.

Good luck,
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Hey I agree with andi
HEY did I just say that!!!!..lol..(andi hope your laughing)

Pregnancy is no time to diet, eating healthy is a must
Talk to your doctor about your concerns and after the baby comes then try to slim down to your "pre pregnancy weight"

Hey is there such a thing..LOL..what about after 3 kids!!
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I m/c in July, but in those 3 mon.of being pregnant I gained about 8 lbs. I'm barely 5 ft,so for me,I could see it right away- especially in my hips! None of my clothes fit. It was upseting, though I felt guilty for even thinking about feeling fat when I knew it was for a baby! My bf said, "for these 9 months, it's really not ur body- it's for the baby". It helped. After the m/c (perhaps a defense mech. to focus on something else), I obsessed on losing the weight. I'll be damned if eating well, and running or walking, hasn't taken off a single pound! It's a struggle, but I try to think that maybe my body likes it here at 114 instead of 104- maybe it's better to have a little extra when ttc. It makes me worry for when I do have a baby and losing the weight- not so much the weight gain, but about the fact my view of how I look plummets!
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Hey there is WAY too much emphasis on "being thin"
You can be "fat"(everybody is according to that dam BMI chart)
and fit. Health is the first factor!! I know several "slim" people who have had heartattacks, high cholestrol etc...
I think sometimes we are alot harder on ourselves than we should be!!
If your happy and the man who loves you LOVES you what more can you want!
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This must be the day...I agree with cinn on this one, too ; )

People are too obsessed with being a size 2. Babies need nourishment, they don't care how much mommy weighs as long as mommy provides for them,lol. While the entire pregnancy is a must for proper nutrition (hey, when pg with Tristan I was so sick, ym doctor didn't care if I ate fastfood, as long as I could keep it down!), there is no time when fat should be eliminated from your diet. Throughout the pregnancy baby is forming their nervous system and an integral part of that is the myelin sheaths. The baby needs fat to do that and that fat needs to come from mommy's diet.

NOw this isn't saying you should eat everything in sight, but pregnancy and nursing are never times to go on a diet. Be smart about it, love your body and reward it (not punish it) for growing a life inside of it.

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I am 30 weeks
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Try this site:  www.pregnancywithoutpounds.com
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I am currently 13 weeks pg and have gained about 7 lbs.  I have had three healthy pregnancies b4 this and gained 32 lbs with each child, each child went to term and they were very very healthy (8.1lb, 7.8 lb, 7.8lb) I know the weight may feel bad now, but focus on your baby and what God has given you.  The weight will come off after you deliver a healthy child and you will not even notice the weight once you see those sweet little eyes staring at you.  Eat what you feel like you want and know that your baby needs the nourishment.  This may be the only time in your life you can eat and feel like you have accomplished something greater than your own life from a simple plate of pasta or a great piece of bread.  Eat and be happy!  Good luck to you.
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