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Weight Gain!!?????

Hi again all..

I'm now at 21.5 weeks now with my first, and I've already gained 20 lbs. (I'm 23 years old and my pre-pregnancy weight was normal.)

Over the past week, my belly has really grown quite a bit!.. I'm not eating any differently, really. I've always enjoyed sweets, and I do give into that craving at least once a day (but I was that way before pregnancy).

I don't exercise as much as I should, but again, I've been that way for the past few years.

Should I be worried? I still have about 4.5 months to go and I'm already really close to the reccommended weight gain- Yiikes!

Thank you,
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i have 2 friends that gained over 60lbs with their first pregnancies and they were both REALLY tiny before they got pg.

Hope you don't gain that much, but I think you are ok.  Maybe ask your doctor about gestational diabetes as I heard that causes weight gain, but again, i think your fine.


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Watch what you are eating--this is a good topic for discussion with your doctor next visit.  Lots of times they will just offhandedly tell you to be careful, but not go into specifics.
Ask exactly how much your doctor feels you should gain-how many cals per day they think you should be taking in.

Then track what you are eating.  Pregnancy is not the time to have unlimited intake--you may pay in the end with complications such as a large for gestational size baby.  Eat the right amounts of the right foods.  Don't go all out exercising if you are not used to it, but do try to be active, walk a lot, and see about perhaps a pregnancy exercise class.

Remember, at the very least you will have to lose it all when this is all said and done.  Most people wind up keeping at least 10 post-baby pounds by 6 months after, unless you are very disciplined or very lucky.  Many women keep more.
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I think Christie has some good poinbts, but remember now is not the time to diet or skip meals. As far as actual pregnancy weight (not counting the 20lbs of water put on in the last 2 weeks) I gained 25, not counting the 20 I lost in the 4th month. I was lucky that by my 10day post pardum checkup I had lost all the weight, 45 lbs total including the water. Brestfeeding really helped. Funny thing was I didn't gain an ounce in my entire second trimester, so don't stress yet. If you are neither under or over weight, 25-35 llbs is normal.

If you were to tell us you had 50lbs already, I would be concerned. But don't stress too much and don't let people freak you out, if you are concerned, talk to your doctor.

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I am at 29 weeks and have gained 44 lbs.!! I was at 104 lbs. when I got pregnant. The doctor dosen't seem to be too concerned...I'm not overeating but I do eat what I want. My metabolism seems to have really, really slowed down as I've always been small naturally. With my first daughter (now 12) I gained 50 lbs. and lost it all within a month or two...Everybody's body reacts differently to pregnancy and there is a wide range of what a "normal" weight gain is.
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I am 29 weeks preg. with my first and I have gained 50 lbs. already.  My doc. doesn't seem to think there is a problem as I am not eating too much and my baby is right on track with his size and I do not have gestational diabetes.  I was 125 lbs before I got preg. and considered in normal weight range.  I guess everyone is different so I wouldn't worry if you doc. doesn't.  Good luck to you I hope you and your baby are well.  Keep us posted.
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Absolutely you shouldn't be on a severe diet when pregnant, and I am sorry if you all took my advice to be such.

I am just saying, to watch and be careful.  Doctors for the most part gloss over the importance of nutrition during pregnancy--after all, there is no expensive test or procedure they can charge for!  

It pays to be careful and not exceed 30-35# overall.  If you have already exceeded that and it is still fairly early in the pregnancy, there is nothing you can do but try to be more careful, and try to increase your activity level.

Doctors can't always tell by feeling and measuring whether your baby is getting too large.   Even ultrasound in the last trimester is notoriously inaccurate for that.  A large weight gain puts you at risk for a macrosomic infant, a higher risk of GIP (gestational diabetes), PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension), as well as having to lose the weight after delivery.  

All I meant is that pregnancy isn't the time to let loose and eat all you want.  Moderation in everything, and healthy choices.  I think we can all agree with that.
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I didn't do well when I had the boys. I gained way too much, about 50 with both. It was really hard to get it off. At one point with my second, I gained 10lbs in one month. My doc shook his head at me. He wasn't inpressed at all. I was starving all the time. I think that is from the boys, they demand more food I swear. I am back to my normal weight now but I would never let myself do that again. It's too hard to get it off and I nursed too. Now that I am older it would be twice as hard to get thin again. The key is to drink tons of water. It is so healthy for you and keeps the weight down. But it does make you hugry more often, does for me anyway.

Have a great day everyone.
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i gained 60lbs with both my pregnancies and was a normal weight before i got pregnant. everybodies different. my doctor didn't seem to care that much, and i lost the weight both tomes without exercises. don't be hard on yourself your gaining the weight for a good reason. ps, by time i was 20 weeks i gained 30lbs, 20 each trimester.
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Pros & Cons of Weight Gain during Pregnancy
by Jackie Lapetino, RNC, BSN

The amount of weight a woman should gain during her pregnancy has long been an issue for discussion. There are many different viewpoints; some physicians feel that the optimum weight for a woman should be as little as 15 pounds, while others suggest 40 pounds is appropriate. They contend that if too much weight is gained during pregnancy, the baby will be too large and a difficult delivery will result. Other physicians feel it is important to have a pregnant woman follow an unrestricted diet - after all, she is "eating for two." Given these two views, what should a pregnant woman really do?

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists recommends a weight gain of 25 to 35 pounds during a nine-month pregnancy. Women who are underweight should gain a little more, whereas women who are substantially overweight should only gain approximately 20 pounds. It is imperative, however, that women be careful to eat nutritious foods so that they receive adequate nutrients for the baby and themselves as well.

For most women, putting on extra weight is no problem. The focus should be, however, not to gain an excessive amount but gain only what is really necessary for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy infant. If too much weight is gained, multiple physical problems can result, causing excessive discomfort in a woman's back and legs from the added burden of carrying those extra pounds. The extra weight can also result in elevated blood pressure and an overload of work on a pregnant woman's heart. This can lead to dangerous situations both for the mother and baby. Finally, all of those extra pounds can result in a more difficult labor and delivery, and after the baby is born they are much more difficult to lose!

Women who are advised to gain only 20 pounds during their pregnancy need to closely monitor their diets, ensuring that their calories come from nutritious foods, not from "empty calorie" groups. If an unborn infant does not receive adequate nutrition from the mother, that infant will not be able to develop normally. All of the infant's organs need to receive adequate nutrition to develop and grow, and these can only be received from the mother.

Whatever weight gain your physician or care-giver has deemed desirable for you during your pregnancy, your diet should include foods that:

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i am 36 weeks along now with my third, my first son i gained 19 and a half pounds, with my second i gained almost 60 pounds, and so far with this pregnancy i have gained 30 pounds. every pregnancy is different! if you are really concerned i would talk to your dr. but i think you are doing just fine, eat whatever you feel is right, remember you are eating for two now, don't cut down on eating if you feel you are gaining too much too fast that will only cause problems for you and the baby. my dr has been concerned about my weight gain so far saying that the more i gain later in the pregnancy it will be harder for me to get the weight off after, but i just ignore him and do what ever i feel is right,last i heard you are supposed to gain weight during pregnancy not watch your figure and go on a diet!lol
good luck to you
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