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Weight Loss After Pregnancy

I gained 63 pounds with my pregnancy.  I lost 23 pounds right off the bat, but now I have not lost a pound for five weeks and I still have 40 pounds to go.  Anyone lose a lot of post-pregnancy weight?  How'd you do it?
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I joined weight watchers, I gained about 20lbs during pregnancy (I was quite overweight to start though) I lost nearly all that within the first four weeks then got stuck. I have been doing weight watchers points for 7 weeks now and have lost 14lbs so far, I am nursing, they do have a program for nursing mom's. I still have 30lbs to go though to get to my target weight, hope I get there, I haven't been at my target weight for about 9 years!
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I always suggest adkins - the pounds just fall off that way

and once you lose what you want you should be able to maintain by eating right
good luck
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I gained 60 pounds with my pregnancy and lost all of it, but it wasn't easy. You can do it if you are determined and I am sure you are. I lost about 30 off the bat and then about two pounds every week from breastfeeding and lots of walking (about 2-3 miles 5 times a week). I am still breastfeeding my son almost two years later and lot of people think that's cheating with weight loss, but the truth is it makes you HUNGRY. I regard myself as an unofficial weight loss expert, all my friends come to me for advice with food and exercising. Here is my regime for you; start your day with oatmeal (the boring plain one, it gets easier to get down after a few days:) and a hard boiled egg.Eventually you will look forward to this because it makes you feel good and full and have a lot of energy. Two-three hours later a slim fast or meal bar, lunch two hours after that; whole wheat wrap with whatever you want (but if your having mayo skip the cheese or vice versa) have another light snack around two (fruit ideally). The mid-afternoon snack is KEY because it nips your dinner appetite in the bud. Try Triscuits and reduced fat cheese and pepperoni. I used to come home from work and scarf down a high calorie snack, but not anymore!! For dinner have some kind of meat, baked potato or whatever and try to have a garden salad (easy on the dressing) before you eat the main course. Try to walk 2-3 miles most days of the week (but don't go overboard because you will tire easily) Oh.. and LOTS of water, limit your diet soda intake and take a multivitamin. My diet isn't the strictest, but it is my experience and the experience I have heard from others that other diets are not something you can keep doing forever. You want to change your lifestyle permanently not for two weeks. If it makes any difference I walked into the hospital to deliver my son at 189 pounds and I weigh 119 now. Hope I helped you out with some tips;)
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jenny that is pretty much how i lost weight earlier this year. its funny i ate more than i had been, but i ate correctly. never ever do atkins. it is the worst diet out there. diet is a bad word. you need to eat right not diet. i am 11 weeks pregnant and i started off overweight.  i am very cautious to not gain too much weight. i eat oatmeal, but i put a small handfull of lowfat granola (i need the extra fiber lol) and it fills me up for quite some time. another thing is when i did go on my weight loss kick in feb, i didnt deny myself that chocolate, or some chips or fries. not daily, but like saturdays or something id have whatever i wanted. if you crave stuff and deny, you will find yourself eating waaaay too much of it and blow your "diet". good luck to you!!
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I gained 70 pounds when I was pregnant with my first child, which was hard because I started out skinny, and then all of a sudden I had him and realized I was so overweight.  Breastfeeding didn't work out with him so I was on my own to lose the weight.  I bascially realized there is no easy way out, you just really have to commit yourself to losing the weight and stick to it.  I worked out my own diet of eating special k for breakfast and lean cuisines for lunch and dinner, and then I walked on my treadmill for about 35 minutes every night.  It was really hard, but so worth it when the weight started dropping off, you should give it more time, it took me about three months after I had my son to come around and realize that I would actually have to WORK to lose the weight.  Now I'm doing it the second time around (my daughter is now three months) but thank god I only have 15 pounds to lose this time.
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Do you have a local YMCA you can join?  I love mine, their daycare is included in the membership, and they take littleones as young as 3 months.  They offer a personal trainer with the membership that is accessible anytime, and they offer great aerobic/spin/younameit classes, diet/nutrition counseling, everything, and it's affordable.  I don't know where you live, but I'm in So. Cal, and my entire family (hubby & three kids + me) is only $65 a month.  After my 2nd child I transformed my body there, and I am currently trying to do the same now that my 3rd is 3 mths. old.  Another great feature is that it is a gym for everyone, not just the beautiful size 0s!

Good Luck!
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I am a biochemist so I happen to know about the body and chemicals and adkins has gotten a very very bad rep!!  it is not bad for you

what do you think people ate for hundreds of years before processed foods came along or in places where they didn't plant?  you guessed it - strict adkins - and they lived to procreate and voila here we are!
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It's not really a matter of Atkins being "bad" and you're right about how things used to be. I think people are just trying to say that it's not really something you can do forever OR may want to do forever. Personally, I think it would be a hard transition to eat atkins style and then transition into a permanent choice without packing the pounds back on. Are any carbs alowed on Atkins?
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Just wanted to post an update!!!  I LOST IT ALL!!!  It took about 10 months of trying a combination of many diets and exercise, but I did it!!!  Now I'm trying for number two and hoping not to gain THAT MUCH weight again!!!
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