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Weight loss and conceiving. (Use as Open Forum, too!)

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Does anyone know if you can have round ligament pain in the first few weeks of pregnancy? I've been feeling some sharp pains when I change position. It is happening more on the right side, but I've felt it a few times on the lef side too.  Everything I read says it usually occurs in the 2nd trimester. Has anyone else experienced this right away? Thanks! ~Kristen
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Interesting article.  Thanks Christie.

Just to put in my two cents on the MIL thing, since we live in Ontario and all of our family is in Manitoba, we don't have that problem.  The downside is that I know I'm really going to miss having family around and I worry that my child won't have strong relationships with his grandparents as he'll probably only see them once or twice a year.  So as fustrating as overbearing parents or in-laws can be, please also cherish the fact that they will be so closely involved in your child's life.
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Don't get me wrong, I am not at all complaining that my MIL wants to be an involved grandparent! I am thrilled because as I have mentioned before, the alternative is my own mother....a drunk who wants to play grandma when it's convenient. Believe me, I will take my over-bearing MIL any day over that.

My MIL lives 2 hours away though, but you have to admit that it's a little daunting when she is making plans to host Thanksgiving in MY home 4 days after I endure a major surgery AND is basically setting up her own little nursery in her house! LOL Like I said, right now I am taking it all in stride. At some point I will put the kabosh on the Thanksgiving plans and hopefully she will understand that we need some time to bond as a family of 4....me, DH, DD, and baby.
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When I was pregnant with my daughter I felt alot of sharp pains on my right side too. My doc said it was everything starting to stretch out and probably was the ligaments stretching. I was about 8 weeks when i started to feel it. It did go away only to return at the end of my second trimester when my belly blew up.
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I wanted to share something I read recently.....although with all my millions of magazines that I read this week I can't remember which I read this in...anyway.....

When you get your baby checked at the pedi's office, often they weigh and measure your baby/child and then tell you what percentile your child is for avg growth for other children his/her age. Apparently this chart was created based largely on a study funded by formula companies and so the growth is based on formula fed babies. Breastfed babies apparently avg out slightly smaller. They also didn't factor in parental size, so if you are large, you are likely to have a larger baby on the "Scale" and vice versa. So the point was, if your baby is in the 95% it doesn't mean he/she is doomed to obesity and if it's in the 5% (where my DD remained much of her infancy), it doesn't mean he/she is malnourished.

Anyway, I thought this was interesting.
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i totally agree with that article....my nephew is one of those kids that is just skinny. i mean some people have been freaking about it so bad my sister actually took him to a nutritionalist to ease her own mind and everyone else.(they ended up being the first people to say uh there's nothing wrong with him)
he has a very fast motabolism and the kid eats sooooo slow it isn't even funny and if he isn't sleeping or eating then he is going at a hundred miles an hour.
we went walking one night at the track.....he ran an entire mile straight around the track with out stopping and then stood there and talked to us like he had never moved.

well i am off to my u/s keep your fingers crossed that this child isn't shy at all. (i would like to know what this peanut is)
talk to ya'll when i get back
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I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Hurry and get back!!!! We want to know!!!!
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Don't worry, I didn't take your comments the wrong way.  I was just feeling a little sad and jealous that my child's grandparents won't get to play a large part in his life.

I was actually thinking of trying to host Thanksgiving (ours is in October) which would be a month after I deliver.  My mom has two younger sisters who live about 1.5 hours away with their husbands and kids and they always have us over for the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving & Easter) so I thought it was time maybe I host a dinner.  Maybe I'll wait til the beginning of October and see how I feel.
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kassimom - Well I know that the article is true lol. My DD will be 5 in December and is only 32lbs. She was a breastfed baby for 6mths and then to formula. She is such a little peanut.

Nanakay - Good luck!

Well AF has finally gone and the BD fest has begun. Wish me luck!

Bailee - Crossing all crossables for you! BAbydust, babydust, babydust!
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Try living a block from your in-laws,lol! I love my FIL, he is the most wonderful person and the bond he and my 2 year old share is worth all the money in the world. I do miss my hometown (about a 6 hour drive away) as my 2nd mom, my two closest friends, my brother and my grandparents live there, but i know that this is where we are meant to be. And since having Tristan, my MIL has become a completely different person towards me. Before she was so abrupt and made it seem as if every bad/annoying habit John had picked up was because of me, commonly saying "he didn't do that when he lived here" which was complete and utter bull even by John's recollection. But after i had Tristan, she changed dramatically and has become a wonderful MIL. I think she loves having her "own" grandchild as Papa (FIL) tends to monopolize all of Jonathan's time and attention. In fact if we are over there and Jonathan starts to show interest in playing with Nana (MIL), Papa will actually distract him by tapping on a desk or starting to play with a new toy, it is crazy!

My dad and step mother haven't even called to ask about Tristan (in fact I haven't heard from them in almost 2 years). My step mom is the only one of the 2 to ever see Jonathan and that was 2 years ago when she was in Spokane visiting her mom. My dad has yet to ever see either of his 2 grandchildren. I guess maybe that is why I agreed to move so close to Papa and Nana, I wanted our children to have a close relationship with at least 1 set of grandparents, even if it means I miss out on the final years with my own.

Anyway, things could be worse, Kassi : ) My in-laws were at the delivery of both of my boys and took over my 600 sq foot dinky house 18 days after having Jonathan and hosted Christmas dinner there for the family. That was awful, our house was so small, we had to use a fold up table in the middle of the living room (which was barely big enough to set it up) just so a few people could eat without having their plates on their lap! Couple that with me recovering from a wicked episiotomy which made even the slightest movement very painful, even sitting hurt and being a brand new first time mom who was breastfeeding, it had disaster written all over it! We survived and now I can look back and laugh, but there was nothing but tears that day for me (quietly and in the bathroom of course I didn't want to "ruin" Christmas)

It will all work out : ) Be thanks ful they care enough to be there!

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MichelleB-Bless you! Hosting a holiday dinner at your house 18 days after giving birth? Heck I have even warned everybody that I won't be helping cook for EITHER holiday and Christmas is a whole month after Colton is born! LOL You have WAY more guts than I if you can put that together! But yes I would wait till the beginning of Oct and see how you feel. There is always next year to host a holiday dinner.

AndiJ-I am still deciding whether or not to allow THanksgiving to happen here! Thankfully we have a larger house than 600sqft so there are plenty of places to hide! :)  So far everything has just had a way of working out....I am sure that once the time comes that will work out too. And if she inisists on Thanksgiving here, I can lock my bedroom door and nurse the baby all day.....hey it's HIS thanksgiving too!! LOL
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Wow, my ds is 2 and weighs 36 lbs : ) He was breastfed until 14 months, yet he eats like dh now! BTW, my dh is little, only 5'8" (same as me) and 138 lbs but eats more than anyone I know! Jonathan isn't a chub by any means, just a solid little guy, we joke that at 36 inches and 36 lbs he should be round : )


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