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Welcome to the Maternal & Child Community!

Welcome to the Maternal/Child Community!  Please take a moment to read before posting.

For those who don't know me, I'm Peekawho, and  have accepted the challenge of being the CL of the Maternal/Child Community!  It's a big group, and a wonderful opportunity to try to bring everyone together to share ideas, questions, suggestions, and frustrations.

I'm an RN who has worked for over 30 years in the areas of both high and low risk Labor and Delivery.  I've done some post partum/newborn care, but my first love and area of expertise is Labor and Delivery and pregnancy care, in general.  I continue to work full time in this clinical area.

Feel free to post any question relating to any of the topics stated at the top of the page, or anything to do with maternity or infant/child issues.  I don't have all the answers; but I'll do my best to help find information for you, or to direct your question to another forum where there are people or experts who might be better suited to answer.  

There is a HUGE membership in this Community…of mothers and others who may have a particular viewpoint or helpful insight for you.  Take advantage of all the collective wisdom contained in this awesome Community!

I'd like to take a moment to address a couple of things, to help us get off to a good start.

1.   Oftentimes there are posts asking the question, "Am I Pregnant?".  Unfortunately, no one can accurately  answer this question for you online.  This posted question will likely get just a few brief responses  such as, "Take a pregnancy test".  If you want to know if you are pregnant and need further advice, please see the Health Page on this very subject.

2.  I'd like us to all be respectful of everyone who posts.  If you strongly disagree with a member's viewpoint, it's fine to share your opinion, but be mindful of others while doing so.  

3.  Be sure to check out the new Baby Page feature, the first in a series of Med Help Personal Pages.   The Baby Page lets members with very young children share not only their health and growth progress, but lets them share individually created photo albums and birthday tickers.  

Members can easily import email addresses to share exciting moments with aunts, uncles, grandparents, or any family member!

How to create a Baby Page
* Go to My MedHelp
* Next to the Summary tab, you'll see a tab with a "+" in it
* Hover over the + and click Baby Page
* Walk through the wizard
* Set up any applications you didn't already have (e.g. About Baby)

4. I  would also like to point you to the ' Trackers' that you can add to your profile. You can add them to your profile by clicking on "My MedHelp" (top) and then go to the Tracker Widget -- At the bottom of the Tracker Panel click on "Add Tracker" which will take you to the tracker page, where you can select  many Trackers to help you. Ovulation, pregnancy, mood, and weight trackers are available, just to mention a few. Please be watching as Med Help adds new ones.

5. Take a look at the Health Pages, located at the top right of the main forum page.  If you have particular expertise in a Maternal/Child subject, feel free to create one of your own, or add to an existing Health Page.

6..  Have fun!   Lets get creative from time to time.  If there are things you all want to see or do, please let me know.   If you think of a good way to reorganize this giant, ever-growing Community, I'd love to hear about it.
hear about it.


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And I want to say thank you to the ladies of this community, many of which I have known and grown to love over the years.  

What an awesome, powerful Community!  I told Cheryl that the reason I loved this community so much was that it had so many intelligent, opinionated, lively, and strong women of all ages.  

To me, that's what makes for great debates and the sharing of helpful knowledge.  

Thank you to everyone here.  
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It's about time that MedHelp made you the official CL - I think you're great!!  
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Congrats that is wonderful news!!!  
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Great!!  I'm thrilled!!  FINALLY!!  Yay PEEK!!
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yay peek, just the leader we needed!
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Go peek wooo hooo
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Yay!! I heart Peek!! :)
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wooohoooo! good job Peek!
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peek: i was wondering if u could give me some answer my sister had toxemia they found out at her 39 week checkup so they induce her labor and end up having a c section after 20 hours of labor she couldnt push her out. so, since last night the baby hasnt been eating only a bit and throwing up, so they said she is drowsy and not waniting to eat , that the magnisum sulfate got to the baby. so she is in the instense of care unit she also got jaundice. so my sis just feed her and she only drank 9 cc earlier drank 13 cc so they had to give the rest thru a tube. i feel so bad for the baby, she is also very dry i guess becasue they broke my sister water early and she didnt have the baby for a while after. im just so worried for her i feel so bad for her to have tubes down her. i told my sister she is lucky her baby is healthy and not like other babies in the nicu. do babies with this issue, usually start drinking more? shes just so tiny 5 pounds 6 oz
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Congratulations Peek, it's about time....Medhelp finally came to their senses and chose the right person as CL....YAY!!!!!
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Congrats Peek!!! :)
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Where is Andi with the I heart Peek shirts?  I am sure they just went up in value!
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hello... im newly one in this community...
i hope i will get my solutions from this forum...
God bless all of you...
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Peek- I wlould love for you to answer my question that I posted in regards to rtyingg to get pregnant... PLZ
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Glad to see you doing this, Peek.  Having you in this role is better than most mortals deserve.  :)
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I'm late...but glad you are the new CL, Peek! IMO, you've always been the CL around here. I agree with KJ, roll out those tee shirts Andi!
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hi my name is shakari just found out i'm 5weeks pregnant and i'm very excited
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Hi everyone,
This is my first post.  I am a mom of one and currently 23 weeks along with my second child.  I have a didelphic uterus and went into preterm labor with my first child at 32 weeks.  I was put on bedrest, and ended up carrying him to full term and delivering by c-section.  I would like to talk with someone who has the same condition as myself for support.  It is hard to talk to any of my family and friends who don't really understand where I am coming from or what I am going through.  Also,  I would love to hear success stories of people with my same condition.  
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I don't have any advice for you in this area but I just wanted to tell you that you should make a new post so that more people can see it and answer your question.
At the top of the screen under the headline that says Maternal and child forum there is green box that says Post a question, click on that and ask your question again.
good luck
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Hello everyone my name is Marilu and I came across this web site looking for answers. I'm 19 weeks pregnant, at my ultrasound me and my baby boy were diagnosed with Chronic Phranceatic Hernia....I'm searching for more info and for moms with same situation. It is a hard time and having somebody to hold on to helps a lot. Thanks and God Bless.
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Help!!!! My 8 month old son has been switched to soy formula and he hates it!!!  He won't drink it and I can't go back to his old formula.  I tried to mix it with baby food and I also tried to dilute it and nothing works.  What ever can I do.
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So, this is where you have been hiding, Peek.  
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i havent been "here" in 2 yrs.....it was too painful after my M/C......i was 11 weeks pre when i had a m/c, i had my tubes CUT AND BURNED 8 yrs ago. well i am back and pregnant again!!!!!  I am so worried but i am excited too!  i have to clarify that my last preg was in the uterus and NOT the tubes........i was assaulted......2 weeks befor i m/c'd, i believe that is why i lost my baby.  I am going to the doc on march 24th, i just found out yesterday that i am pg!

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