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What are all the August/September babies doing!?

I know there was a lot of us due in August and we all posted a lot throughout our pregnancy.  I am just wondering how all the babies are and what they are doing.  My DD, Anna, weighs 14.5 pounds already!  She is such a happy baby.  She smiles, laughs and talks all the time.  She is reaching for things and is just about to roll over from her back to tummy.  She has been really healthy aside from one ear infection a week ago.  She started daycare this week and seems to be adjusting well (better than me at least!).  Well, I will stop rambling, but I am just curious about all the other 3-4 month olds out there!
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Hey!  Alyssa is going to 3 months on December 1st!!  Shes sooo cute and talks all the time too.  She loves staring at her hands and puts them in little fists.....sooo cute!  She weighed 12 lbs at her 2 month check up, but not sure what she is now.  She goes jan. 4th for her next check up/ needles.  My older dd's are so in love with her.  What a great Christmas this year is going to be.  Im so happy shes here and healthy.  All the worrying we did through our pregnancies.....Im surprised these poor little babies arent all stressed out!  LOL!!
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Hey!  Great to hear about Alyssa.  My older DS is so in love with Anna, too.  It is so cute.  He tells her all the time "I love you with all my heart"!  It just melts my heart.  He love Peter Pan the movie so he calls Anna "Tink".  They were Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for Halloween.  I couldn't believe I found a costume small enough for her, but it was adorable.
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AJ will be 3 months on dec 1 as well.  He is rolling over from his belly to his back.  He loves standing and sitting with help.  He also smiles and talks all of the time.  He loved the macy's parade on thanksgiving.  He cried if I tried to turn him around to look at me so I gave up and put him infront of the TV and shaved my legs!  He was almost 12 lbs on 11-5.  I think he may be over 14 lbs now.  He only gets up one time during the night...at 3 am just long enough for a bottle.  I'm hoping by x-mas we will be sleeping through the night.  That would be the best christmas gift ever!  I went to my neighbors house last night and saw a 9 day old baby that currently weighs what AJ weighed when he was born.  I could not believe how much he has developed over the last 3 months both in size and personality.  
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Nadia is just three months.  she weighs 12 pounds and is an angel baby.  She is number three and she has the most pleasant attitude.  Sleeps 9 hours at night and wakes with a smile.  Only one negative thing, she has a marked preference for Country Music.  Yikes!!
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DD Caitlin is doing wonderful.  She weighs 12lbs 5 oz.  Just had her 2nd round of 2 month shots yesterday.  She will be 9 weeks tomorrow.  She is a very happy baby and older dd is a big help and adores her.
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Jameson is two and a half months--born Sep 14. He is about 13 pounds. He LOVES to nurse and each nursing is an hour because I am his binky as well as his food source. All his siblings adore him and say that he "makes their day". Even my three teenagers can't wait to get home to play with him. He brings out things in them that nothing else would.
He is smiling huge, cooing, and even little laughs now and then.He kicks his legs and waves his arms when we approach him because he is so happy to see people.He loves to watch his mobile and his glowing jungle toy in his crib. He loves to be held. He is fascinated by the T.V.
I was telling my DH how amazing it is that there was a time we didn't have him in our lives and we were okay; we didn't know what we were even missing.But to imagine life NOW without him, it would be terrible. We all love him SOOOOOOO much.
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DD Nadezdha Lilith was 3 months on the 21st of November (born August 21st).  I can't believe that time has gone already.  She is around 12lbs (11lbs 5.5oz a week ago).  She wakes up smiling most of the time, and still sleeps with us.  She has an amazing smile and an even cooler laugh, its cool to hear her giggle and laugh aloud these days.  I love to hear her coo and "talk" to me, its one of my most favorite things.  

She loves lights, and television (grumble), and finally allows me to put her in her swing.  She doesn't like sitting still for more than a few seconds, wanting to be held up in a standing position (or sitting) most of the time.  Everything goes in her mouth these days, from her fingers and fists to her blankets, shirts, and anything else.  She's been teething for a little while now and her favorite toys are soft rattles (one is a duck and the other Pigglet), she just loves to bite their noses/ears/hands.  

Her sisters practically beg to hold her and often will fight over who has the right to do so.  She's the light in her Daddy's eyes and I can't believe how much I love this little baby.  My parents spoil and fawn over her and help with baby sitting - which is the only way I'm able to handle being away from her.  She's such a great baby, I can't wait to see what she looks like as she grows up.  Its even more amazing to think that a year ago she was microscopic.  I'm still in Awe and can't believe it.
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My son Leaim was born sept 11th he weighs 15 pounds 3.5 ounces( I bought a digital baby scale online) he is 25 inches long he will be 3 month dec.11th. He loves his Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium on his crib. At night I lay him in his bed and turn it on and he just passes right out watching it. He is not rolling over yet...realy shows no sign of doing that any time soon. He loves to stand  with help on my lap and he jumps up and down and loves his Johny jump up. He loves to watch baby Einstein movies lol He is so easy to make laugh. He just loves bath time (always has) He sleeps so good at night. It is so cute when he nurses cause he talks while he eats. I have never met a more vocal eater in my life. As he nurses he says " mmmmm mmmm" over and over lol its so cute and hes loud about it too. I am just in so much love with him. It is nice to see how all the babys born around the same time are doing. we all should keep in touch.

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I thought I would add some pictures of Leaim

here are the links


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Hi ladies. Jayden was born on August 15, he is 3.5 months now and he weighs 17 pounds, wow I got a chunky one lol!He was 7lbs 13oz at birth so he has grown a lot!He has found his feet this week and boy does he love them.He loves to say äh goo" all day long it's so cute....hope all you ladies are great!
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