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What is the cutest thing your baby did this weekend?

This weekend I went to wipe my dd's nose with a klenex (11m) and she blew!!!  I couldn't believe she knew how to blow out!!!  My other dd's took forever to do this!  Well I so excited!! I clapped and she looked so proud haha.. then we showed dh and we clapped again.. she is so proud to be able to blow out haha....

So lets celebrate our cuties! What did your little one do this weekend?
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That's very cute!  How old is your daughter?  If that's a current picture of her in your avatar.. well, my goodness but she's a smart little cookie already knowing how to blow her nose!  =)

I don't know if it counts as the weekend, but my daughter discovered a few new "words" on Friday.  She's only 7 1/2 months old, so of course she's not actually using words yet, but you can tell when they've discovered a new sound that in their mind serves as a certain word/phrase... well, anyway, in her new string of "words" there is one noise she makes that sounds exactly like "da-da"!  I mean first I thought it was wishful thinking on my part, but when she kept repeating herself all day and then when DH came home and she did it, he said, "did she just say da-da?!?"  It was sweet.. I'm sure she hasn't made any connection between that word and her daddy YET, but now that she's saying something darn close to it, we're repeating her over and over again along with lots of clapping when she does say it.  

Good post idea... I'm interested to see the other cute moments!
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Jillian is about 10.5 months and is saying da-da (to a lot of things, but to daddy also!).  This weekend I had her in the bath tub and DH kept peaking around the door and waving to her and saying hi baby....she started waving back and I swear she said hi da-da - like 4 or 5 times and then she did it again last night!  We were so excited....now if only I could get her to say ma-ma!!
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Noah did a lot of cute things this weekend but this really touched my heart.

We were driving in the car and Noah sneezed, I turned around quickly and said "Bless you baby" he looked up and said "Thank You" lol he has such good manners already.

One more lol

I had a really bad charlie horse last night and I was pretty much whimpering like a little baby. Noah came up to me and was hugging my belly going "awww" and saying "you ok?" he is such a caring little boy (when he wants to be)
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awee grose thats such a cute story.. your little man sounds very well mannered! : )

my daughter just started playing peek-a-boo.. and its soo cute how she does it.. she will sit on the floor and put her head between her legs and then she'll look up and i say 'peek-a-boo' she gigles and does it all over again.. its so cute.
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Pink- that is adorable lol.
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Mr. Peek wasn't here, so I have no idea what he did.
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My son (age 2) likes to play in the shower stall.  This past week, he turned it on while I was brushing my teeth at the sink.  I heard a delighted scream as a soaking wet, fully clothed, toddler ran out of the bathroom.
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Blake, 11 mo's signed for more and blew kiss. I don't know which was cuter. I think the "more".  I taught dd several signs young and it's awesome to see them communicate that way. What I didn't think was so cute was him climbing on TOP of my dd's picnic table, stand up and clap. I wanted to grab the camera but was too scared he'd fall if I left!
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i was out on the neighbor's front lawn with many neighbors. They had asked if we had picked out a name for the new baby yet. As soon as I said the new baby's name, dd (21 months) lifted my shirt all the way up to show the world where her sister is.
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tired! hahaha
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on our walk around the new neighborhoon saturday evening, riley and michaela and peyton were singing songs as loud as they could while we were puching them in their strollers! :)

nolan started a new thing this weekend...  he knows when someone is leaving out the door and its like he's saying bye!  he looks at the door and holds his arm up and kinds grunts, lol!!!  so cute! :)
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I told my son (age 2+) that he was getting very heavy, and that some day soon I would not be able to pick him up.  And that some day he would be the one to pick me up.  He said, "And I will do it very gently, too."  *Sniff*
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We were out for a walk and I asked my younger son to hold my hand, he told me "No, hold James' hand" and then walked over to his big brother got hold of his hand and they walked like that together for ages. I was so sweet (as they are normally pushing and shoving each other lol!)

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