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What's going on, am I or aren't I pregnant?

hi, me and my husband have been trying for a baby. i did 4 pregnancy tests (Acur Pregnancy Cards)and all 4 showed that i'm positive. i wasn't sure at first because the first 2 had a just noticable line, but the last 2 the line was just a little paler then the test line, but definately noticable. i was worried because i'dd only has a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy done 2 and a half weeks prior to these tests been done. obviously i'm not on the pill or any kind of contraception, i had a blood pregnancy test done at the hospital as i've been prone to an ectopic in the past, but this blood test showed that i'm not pregnant, how can this happen? i've always been told you can have a wrong negative but not a wrong positive. please can someone help?
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Well I would say a blood test is more accurate than a hpt
Hpt test for hcg levels in your urine
Have you been on any hormone treatments or shots that could influence  your levels???
All you can do is take another test in a week or so
Have you missed a period yet?
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If you're not due with your period till next week, I'd definitely wait. You usually can't detect anything until 14 days past conception.
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I took one HPT that was positive, then three more came out negative, then a blood test that was borderline, then, finally, a blood test that was positive. I would say wait a few days and take another blood test, a quantitative one, if possible. If you're pregnant, it should be a level over 25 and then it should double or so within 48 hours.
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i've never had any kind of hormone treatment, i haven't missed my period yet it's due next week. i'll take the advice and try another test if i'm late starting.
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My period comes EVERY 32-34 days. My husband and I just started trying for our #2 this past month. I went off the pill in February and I got my period March, April, May, June like clockwork. I was supposed to get my period on Friday (July 8) which would have been day 33. As of today, July 13th negative pregnancy tests (blood and urine) and no period. My best friend who is a gyno told me that I most likely ovulated late and 1) I am pregnant and it's too early to show up 2)my period will be late b.c. I ovulated late 3) I didn't ovulate. I am so bloated, my breasts are huge and veiny (sorry to be so detailed) and I am exhausted. Anyone have thoughts on this?
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did they do a quantitative or qualitative hcg and what were the levels? false positive urine tests are highly unusual and could be indications of a serious medical condition...
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