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When did you share the good news?

Just wondering how far along were you when you decided to tell your family that you were pregnant???

I got pregnant in May of this year and was so excited I told my parents who of course shared the good news.  But sadly Iit was a blighted ovum and I had a d&c and it was difficult to see people afterwards becuz I didnt want to talk about it and I didnt want their pity.  Not I am 6 weeks and 5 days.  Got that confirmed by u/s today and heard a hb and I want to wait awhile before I tell my parents again.  The only thing is - I live in a very very small community and here there is one hospital.  That hospital has ante natal one day a week.  I have an appt Jan 4th and I know that the women there well see me and spread the news.  I will have to tell my parents then.  Do you think that will be too soon - at 8 weeks and 5 days?
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just tell your parents thats what i plan on doing i hope i get preggo this cycle i had a d&c on nov 10
have a healthy pregnancy!
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i am 15 weeks and haven't told anyone

I am too nervous

last time I waited till I was 20 some weeks

this time since it is winter I might be able to wait longer

wondering if they'll notice at christmas

good luck
I know how you feel
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Girl,last time I had ectopic I told EVERYONE! After my m/c I felt sooo bad.Dont know if bc of my expierience or them saying sorry? I am now 5 1/2 wks.I swore I was'nt going to tell anybody not even my other kids( ds12 & dd7) I had my first u/s on monday & we saw a fetal pole & sac.To early for hb.Dr. said my levels were great more than great, quadrupaling.So I came home with my u/s pic.& told my kids & mom.They were shocked & so happy.Later that afternoon we told dh family & so on.I think if your o.k then share your happy news.I could'nt stay quiet. Esp. with the holidays.It's up to you.At least we know.YAYYYYY,congrats! I'm happy & I dont know you, YET..lol...Keep us posted..nanis
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I tell right away for the support that I may need..  I've had two losses this year and the support was wonderful, but hard.
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I thought I was almost 8 weeks when we told my parents and DH's parents I was pregnant. But I ended up only being 6 weeks.  Why dont you tell your parents for Christmas...but maybe ask them not to say anything, like just let it me a family thing for a little while.
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When I had gotten pregnant in June this year, I had waited 20 weeks to tell anyone.  I had miscarried in April and mentioned something right away like you did.  After I lost the baby, I wished I did not mention it at all.  I wanted to make sure it would stay this time around. I do not think you should be worried about a hospital employee mentioning anything.  The HIPAA act came into effect a few years back to prevent that from happening.  It states that no information can be given to anyone regarding a patient (in this case you) unless it is the legal guardian.  As far as the baby goes, that would be you and it's father.   (I do not know how many fathers inquire this early on).  If something is mentioned there are legal remnifications that can affect the employee and/or the hospital.  You should just wait until you are ready to mention it.  You have enough on your mind already.
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I waited till I was 9w and told my co-workers.  I told my man after I got my u/s done - 6w and my parents at 6w.  Told everyone else just last week and I am 13w4d.   I had a m/c in June.
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Its not the employees that I am afraid will talk it will be the other pregnant women there to get check ups - I think I've made up my mind to tell them after my next appt though, on Jan 4th - I'll be nearly 9 weeks.  Thanks for your support.
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I told my favorite sister when I was 8 weeks, and then I told everyone at church at 16 weeks. I was about 18 weeks or so when I told my other siblings. I didn't tell my parents until I was 6 mos. but they are crazy, and live far away. If I had normal parents, as I assume you do, I'd tell them early on, but ask them to keep a lid on it. Shareyour feelings and fears with your mother. As for anyone at the clinic, just politely tell them that you haven't spread the news yet, and plan to wait till you're through the 1st trimester before spreading the word.
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when i got pregnant, my twin sister was the first to know and she was the one that went with me to the doctors she was more shocked than me and she also cried...i was just scared because that was my first time ...even though i was so nervous i told my mother right away
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I told my parents the day I found out (well I had to wait until about 12am because they live in France and I live in the US).
I first told my sister because it was a pact we made many years ago and then I told my mother who told my father and then they told everyone.
I think I was about 7weeks. I didn't tell anybody at work exept my boss when I was about 10 weeks. My co-workers didn't find out until I was about 18 weeks (well I told a couple of them) and showing.
I thought I was pregnant last month and my DH told everyone that I was (even though I told him not to say anything) then I had to deal with people congratulating me and me wondering why, so then I had to tell everybody that I was not pregnant
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I had a M/C at 6 weeks Dec 2nd/06.  We had told a few close friends and our parents and siblings at 5 weeks.  My boss also knew.  She actually guessed at 5 weeks (that's a story in itself)  When I miscarried a week later I was devasted but was glad that I had friends and family to comfort me.  I had one "well meaning person"  tell me, that is why you should wait 12 weeks to tell people.  I replied that "telling people" in no way leads to a miscarriage, nor does flying or lifting all of which I did.  We are hoping for better luck next time as I know what is mean't to be will be.  My mom always said it's great news and she would like to know the night I concieve.  I told her I would to.  Best of luck and when you do tell people enjoy.  It's an awesome feeling.
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