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When to become cocerned with childs weight?

Hi, ladies I have a 2yr. 5month old DS who only weights 22 lbs. According to the growth chart he is below the 5%. My dr doesn't seem to be cocrened, but it worries me. He goes days eatting well and then there are days I can't get him to eat anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Brandy
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My DD is now 5 and she has had weight issues since birth. When she was 1 she weighed 12 lbs.  The dr. had her drinking pedia sure 3 times a day and I was worried to death, but then I decided not to make it an issue.  I was scared that when she got older she would eather be to big and I would feel as though I pushed her to eat or she would be under weight and be self concious about it, because I made a big deal out of it.  So I just let her eat when she wanted to.  She has a good appitite now and she is still a little under weight, but I am a small person and my husband is tall and lanky, so I shouldn't expect her to be to big.  He will eat when he is hungry and don't worry about it unless he starts loosing weight.
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I have a 2 1/2 year old too, and he weighs about 24 pounds at his 2 yr. checkup.My DR. wasn't concerned either. She told me there will be days they eat a lot and days they will not eat much at all. I'm sure your toddler is fine!:)They go through growth spurts!!
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Hi Brandy,

My son is the same age as yours, and at his last dr.'s appt ( a few weeks ago) he weighed in at 25lbs.  I've stopped being too concernced, as like yours he eats well and is generally in very good health.  I had one dr. tell me that since my husband and I aren't large people (I'm 5'5" he's about 5'11") both average build, that we shouldn't expect our son to be bigger than average.  Think of it this way - they can wear their clothes for longer, and we don't have to worry about them being overweight :)
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that does seem low to me(my dd is 19lbs and 1yr) but i believe all children develop at different stages, does your insurence allow you to see another doctor to get a second opinion? im sure if the doctors not concerned then everythings fine, but a second opinion would ease your mind,

i know how you feel tho, my sis is only 35 lbs and almost 7yrs old, shes also in a very low percentile, her doctor says shes perfectly healthy weight wise,
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Brandy,  according to this chart,  he is well below even the 1% mark,  indicating he is "off the chart" low.  


Has he always been low weight?  How is his height compared to the chart?

That was something our pediatrician always looked for - a consistent pattern.  A child who has always been low weight but healthy is probably fine,  but if he suddenly changes dramatically compared to other kids,  that's when they start to look at the child.
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I have one child who is super skinny. None of my other children are built like him. But, he has consistently grown on his own "growth curve" since birth, so my doctor has not been concerned (although I have been!). That is something a doctor will look for--if their growth curve continues at the same level percentage-wise and if they are still continuing to gain weight. I keep bringing my kid in and he is 12...they weigh him and say he is fine...and he eats like crazy! Must be the metabolism!
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He was at the 25% at birth went up to the 50% at 2 mon. then started a gradual decline to the 25% at 1 he dropped to the 5% and since he has just stayed there or below. He ate very well as a baby, but as soon as we put him on table food his eatting declined as well. He will not eat beef, but can get him to sometimes eat chicken. The only veg. are green beans and corn. He won't eat potatoes unless they are french fries. He eats bananas and no other fruit. He loves bread, but not pasta. He has finally started eatting cheese. He loves eggs and peanut butter. I had to change Ped. because I switched my DS's to CHIP. I really liked my old dr better. My new dr. only said she wasn't concerned because he was healthy(only gone to the Dr. twice for being sick)and he looked good. He is not skinney, he even has a little round tummy. Everyone I talk to tries to tell me its a control thing and not worry. Thanks ladies  Brandy
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Is it food textures that bother him?  Does he have any kind of textural issues with t-shirt tags,  or socks?

It's a good sign that overall he seems healthy,  but I think I'd be concerned about his weight too.  Can you put him on something like Ensure to make sure he's getting enough calories?

Best wishes.
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