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Why is there not a Paternal & Child?

Why is there not a Paternal & Child?  Given that fathers watch kids just as much as mothers anymore?  And the primary caregiver is usually the child's daycare.
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Why don't you put in a suggestion to MedHelp and ask for one?
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Sam,  there is a parenting for fathers forum,  under "P" in the alphabetical listing.

Fathers,  in fact,  don't parent singly as much as mothers.  They parent more than single fathers  before,  but the numbers of single mothers have grown astronomically in the last 30 years because the number of single parents in general has exploded.

There hasn't been a post in the Parenting for Fathers forum since Aug 28,  maybe you could revive it a bit by posting.  

Bless you for being one of the guys who come forward and take on this duty.
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That`s a good question. You won`t believe how often I wondered how fathers in general feel about their newborn and their children at any other age, which parenting style they invision, how they deal with temper tantrums, teenage angst and so on, which role they play or want to play in their family, long-term goals. There is so much in parenting that both genders can learn from each other. As RR says - go and spice up the Parenting for Fathers forum. It started out well but the majority of fathers may still be reluctant to discuss family matters in public.

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