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Wine during pregnancy?

Hey All...

I was just wondering your thoughts on having a glass of wine while pregnant.

While pregnant with my dd I had 3 glasses of red wine in my 3rd tri. I am now pregnant again (22 + weeks) and had a glass of red this weekend. I have heard as long as you don't 'get drunk' you are really not doing any harm to the baby. I spoke to my dh's cousin and she said she had a glass of wine every night in her 2nd and 3rd tri...and 3 kids.
I'm not even thinking of doing that...but wanted to know if any of you have had a glass throughout your 2nd/3rd trimester.
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Seriously, my sister had a glass of wine w/dinner EVERY night too. She has 2 very smart little girls. Many people will have their say in this one I'm sure. I did have a glass of wine every now and again w/dd and I believe it is just fine. I'm only 8w5d so I'm not out of my 1st tri yet, but I'm sure I'll have one or two. It's a very personal decision.
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I agree...it is a personal decision. My MIL basically got drunk a few times with my dh, and he is such a smart man. AGAIN...i'm not even considering doing that...but as they say...to each his own (is that right?)

Is there anyone from Italy on this forum? I feel like woman from Italy drink wine with every meal...is that correct?
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I have to say that I agree that this is a personal decision.  While alcohol and pregnancy certainly don't mix.  I don't know that 1 or 2 glasses of wine over the course of a pregnancy is any more harmful than painting the nursery.  Not supported by medical facts, just an opinion.  While I agree that I don't promote or support the regular use of alcohol during pregnancy, we all do a few things not recommended (diet coke anyone) and we just have to weigh the risks each time.  I personally do not drink.  Not only because I am pregnant, and just don't care to even when I am not pregnant, but because I am on medication that won't support it.  I agree on personal and responsible choice.
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I had a few half glasses with my DD (not at the same time) and will likely do the same this preg if I get that far...I even had a few sips of wine last night and I'm 8w2d.  I wouldn't have more than a taste in the first trimester just to be safe.

On a related matter, how do you guys feel about caffeine?   My OB says a cup of coffee is OK, but my RE said to avoid it completely.

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I have had a couple of people tell me their Dr suggested it in the third trimester to help them relax and sleep.  I haven't asked my dr just because it really hasn't been too much of an issue for me.  I'm a social drinker and my big thing is that.. if I have one glass of wine, I'll just want another.. so for now I'm just avoiding the temptation but really I would not judge someone if they did.  

AshleysMom.. the book that my ob/gyn gave me says that it is okay to have one or two caffeine beverages a day.. many mornings I have a cup of coffee.. I don't usually finish it all tho.. and if I don't have the coffee, sometimes I will have a glass of tea with lunch.. I think it is all about moderation.  
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I feel like i am much more relaxed as to what I eat/drink with my 2nd pregnancy. I prob had a tuna sandwich 3-4 times, very very limited cafine, and didn't have a glass of wine until the 3rd tri with my 1st preg.
NOW...i have a tuna sandwich once or twice a month, a cup of coffee every morn (sometimes i do half decaf/half reg.) and have had 2 glasses of wine in my second tri.
My hubby and I made fish last night for dinner (Fluke and Snapper) as they say seafood is good for the baby's brain development.
So yes...as long as you eat/drink in moderation i think we're fine.

I too like to drink wine...and can finish a whole bottle while not pregnant...but I do like the taste of it and enjoy sipping my one glass every now and then...
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I also had a few glasses over the course of my pregnancy.  My ob actually told me to go home and have a glass once.  She said I needed to relax and get my bp down and it wouldn't hurt the baby.  I followed doctors orders  :)  
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Well personally am against it, its like tandria03 said, pregnancy and alcohol (or caffeine as it can damage the babys central nervous system) do not mix, everything you eat, drink, smell goes into to bloodstream which goes to the placenta which of course goes to the baby. I wouldnt dare think of it, but like i said thats a personal decision, i've always been told its a big no no with those things as they are with smoking pot and marijuana, its best to stay away cause u just never know u might be the one who said "oh my sister did it and nothing happened" and end up having something wrong with ur baby. Am definetly not talking about any one particular here ladies just giving my opinion on why its a no for me. Congrats to all u preggers out there.
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All I have to say is why would you want to take a chance.   Is it really worth 1-2 glasses of wine and later find out it did harm your baby?
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i had a glass of wine here and there when i was pregnany. white zifendel though, b/c i don't like red wine. also had a couple wine coolers once or twice. never more than one on any occassion, but i don't see a problem with it. like everyone else said, it is a personal decision. i personally think that common sense will tell you what is/isn't ok to do while you're pregnant. there's no reason to live in a bubble, but there's no reason to act out of sheer stupidity either. like jjerzeegir, i was pretty relaxed as to what i ate/drank with my pregnancy after the first trimester. i did have caffeine. not too much. but a cup of tea or a glass of iced tea or chocolate. i had lunchmeat also. and i probably will do the same if and when i am blessed with another pregnancy. personal and responsbile choice, like tandria said. to each his own.  
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I, too, am in the minority on this one. no one knows how much is too much. I personally have found others ways to relax such as walking, reading, a warm bath, etc. I grew up with an alcoholic mother and have distanced myself from booze as a result. But as much as people will jump on the pot smokers (I am one who jumps hard) it is interesting they condone drinking. And before the talk of the "good compounds" in alcohol, remember that it is impossible to achieve therapeutic levels in normal consumption. They cannot even achieve those levels in pill form yet.

Not my baby, not my guilt if something happens.
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Hear, hear ANDI, thank you for saying what I was thinking.

NO WAY would I imbibe while pregnant.  No one knows what the safe level is so I say avoid it completely.

As someone who struggled very hard to bring her kids into the world, I think it is irresponsible to be so flippant about alcohol.

And I also know people who had a few while preggers and their kids came out fine.  I also know some of those kids had problems with impulse control, the concept of consequences....who knows how the alochol rewired their brains?

But that's just my opinion.
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