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about my friend

can any one be pregnant, and tehn have their period and then have symptoms? my friend had unprotected sex, and then have her period and then had sex again, but now 10 days after her period she is having nausea and dizzy, is this possible that she could be pregnnant and have symptoms that early after period?
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I doubt it. If she had her period then it's very unlikely that she is pregnant. Some women bleed during their pregnancys, but it's not a period. Wait and see if you miss your period or take a test. I doubt it's pregnancy though. Many different things other than pregnancy can make you feel that way, especially really wanting a baby.
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she had three baby's and she is not thinking of baby any more, but i told her that it may be anything, she doesn't wanna test, she is so sffraid.
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I had a friend that had a period when she was pregnant. So she didn't realize she was pregnant until about 10-11 weeks, but I'm not sure if her periods are light or not and if they are, what was just light bleeding could have been what she thought was a period.
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A friend of mine was pregnant and had a period until she was 6 months pregnant.  She wasn't ever sick until then or anything and then got sick at 6 months and then stopped her period.  So she never knew she was pregnant until 6 months.... and she has a very healthy baby girl!
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Can you guys imagine not knowing til 6 months?!  I had alot of issues so I'm glad I did know...but man not knowing would have sure cut back on a lot of stress and MAN the time til 40 weeks would have really flown! lol

Sorry...back to the original post....my best friend's mom always told us that she had periods for 3 months when pregnant for both of her girls! So anything is possible!
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My sister had a light period through her 3 pregnancies.  
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thank you girls, i can't imagine my self pregnant in 6 months without knowing it, oh my god that will be fun to be pregnant for only 3 months and have the baby, YAY! i will tell her that, she will kill herself i know. lol
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I knew I was pregnant at 7 weeks, but I actually coached a soccer team where a mom told me that her youngest child who was three was undiscovered until three weeks before she had him.  She was a heavyset woman and her mother unexpectedly died about the time she conceived so she attributed the weightgain and period loss to stress.  She said she was sick for months and then finally went to the doctor at the beginning of December and found out that she only had three weeks left until her baby was due!  AHHH! I could not take that much of a surprise!
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