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am i pregnant?

am i pregnant and not know it and am i like close to 9 months along, without knowing it?
i get all these symptoms
1.My period is always on time, 6 days ,heavy bleeding and done{now its 2 week always overdue,2-3 days long,and light}*this been happening for around 5-6 months or maybe a little more
2.I felt movement like butterflies in my stomach, but now it is strong movement in my lower stomach,
3.i am always tired,I eat alot more and i am not much of a eater,i am VERY emotional.I am bloated{or at least i think i am only bloated),i am fainting and i am unable to sleep proper.I have never been a gassy person, now i am, i am craving things...i now as i write this feel striped,but could it be something else?
The only reason, i have not went to the Dr,about pregnancy, is I got what seemed to be a period,it was extremely late and short,but still blood?
Iam scared and I DONT WANT TO GO IN AND SAY,i may be close to 9 months prego!
someone help
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Take a pregnancy test.........or go to doctors and get a blood test... sorry thats the only way u will know
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I would find it hard for a woman to be almost 9 months pregnant and not know it. If you think you're pregnant take an hpt and/or go to your doc.
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It is not unheard of, but it is rare, for a woman not to know she is pregnant for that long.  Take the test, they are easily available and even really cheap if you go to the Dollar Store.  The few women one reads about in the news who were surprised by their pregnancy have been "big girls," so if that fits you, it is (again, not highly but still) possible.  Take a test.  Good luck!
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It can happen, but is of course, unusual.  Brooke is right, first go and get a pregnancy test.   Use a first morning urine to test.

I would say, you should go to the doctor regardless of the result.  If you are a teen (sorry, didn't look at your profile), go to planed parenthood if you can't tell your parents the truth.  Or just say you feel sick.  But go to the doctor anyway, ok?  

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