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am i pregnant?

I'm 17 years old, and my boyfriend is 18, we really want a baby. in December we had unprotected sex, and at the end of January i was having stomach pain, and my period was late, i took 5 hpts and all negative, when the pain still occurred with no period i went to the e.r. and they ran a c.t. scan, and a urine test and nothing showed up, and a few days later i had a rather heavy period, and in February it was light for 2 days, and march we had sex 4 times in one weekend march 16-19th (i started birth control march 2nd), and now my stomach is beyond bloated, i look like i swallowed a basketball, its pain on my lower right side and sometimes comes up to my ribs, i cant lay on my stomach or side, and if i sit to long i get sick feeling, but i wont actually vomit, i LOVE food, but lately even the smell of food makes me sick, and when something does sound good i take 2 bites and I'm full, i went to the e.r. a few nights ago and they did a pelvic exam and a urine test the urine showed up negative and they diagnosed me with a pelvic infection. is there any way i could actually be pregnant from December? or march?
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If a hospital cannot find a pregnancy, there is almost for sure no pregnancy.

Why not see your regular ob-gyn?  Hospitals are really not set up to be your primary doctor.
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