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i recently found out i was pregnant. i dont know how far along iam yet . i was perscribed vicodin for kidney stones i have to know what kinds of things and effects could be caused to the baby????
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Hi there. First off congratulations on your pregnancy. Second, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and I have been on vicodin the whole pregnancy. It was prescribed to me by my OB for severe back pain and migraines. My OB told me that as long as I am taking them as prescribed and not taking more than I am suppose to that I would be fine. My migraines have gotten progressively worse the last 2 weeks and when I saw my doctor yesterday she told me to actually take the vicodin for the headaches instead of Tylenol. I hope this all makes you feel a little better. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at danielle.***@**** and I will answer any questions that you have. I too was very scared about being on this pills when I first became pregnant. You are going to get alot of different opinions on here but I wanted to give you my experience. However you do need to speak to your doctor about it, don't hide it from them. They will need to know exactly what you are taking. GOOD LUCK!!!
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Hi, I can answer that question, I know it was an old question post, but in case anyone else needs to know. I had a cervical fusion surgery done about two weeks before I became preg., and I have nerve damage (the surgery was to help this) that I'm still recovering from, so my o.b. has had me on vicodin 4/day since my second trimester. My o.b. said that they don't really use the fda categories anymore, but instead look specifically at the test results and past history of any complications caused by vicodin. Also, any meds that have not had human testing are automatically placed on the category c list, regardless. Vicodin is safe, my o.b. said I need to taper off it during my third trimester (so the baby is not born addicted). Tapering is important to do during preg., instead of stopping cold, because withdrawal can cause your bloodpressure and heartrate to increase, as well as potentially dangerous swings in mood, and sleeping problems, caused by the serotonin decrease that happens when you suddenly stop taking vicodin. Please note, besides o.b.'s, most docs do not know what is safe during preg, and will prefer to prescribe nothing or stick to the fda categories for legal protection, if an o.b.'s opinion is not available.
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