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anxiety and rage post pregnancy

I had my second child 5 months ago and though I know there are added stresses with  additonal children I have been having horrible irritability,anger,frustration and rage.  I snap at my husband ,slam doors,etc and literally feel as though I can not control it.  I feel it swirling in me and then I explode.  I have recently saw a psychologist who has asked me to do breathing and imaginination techniques which I have tried and have not worked.  I am breastfeeding but feel as though I need to be medicated infact just the thought of it makes me feel better.  I am having such a hard time getting help and getting medication.  Somebody please help
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I experienced a similar pattern of behavior, though muted after the birth of my last son. PPD doesn't always present in weepiness, but rather in some can present with agitation as it did with me. I didn't express it openly, but was frequently on edge and felt like at any minute I would snap on my poor dh. I spoke with my doctor about options as I am exclusively nursing and we started with a low dose of Prozac. I started on 10 mg daily and after a few months increased to 20 mg as I built a tolerance to the med. The difference was night and day. I was able to cope, the agitation disappeared, and I felt like myself again.

This is something to consider if therapy is not helping.
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I am interested in which doctor you spoke to.  My internist refered me to the Psyhcologist and my  ob had a fill in which did the same thing.  The Psychologist is also an older male so when he started to tell me to invision lying on a beach I thought and said do you really think that will work so today when my 2 year old was kicking and screaming I tried to do this and as you probably know it was far from working.  Funny thing is I said to the guy how about a glass of wine and he said try it which made me laugh since it is just as transferable as medication.  So should I speak to my OB or baby Peditrician???  And thank you for a minute there I thought it was just me and that I would have to just deal.
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I spoke with our family doctor, who is a wonderful combination of OB/GYN, Pediatrician, and general practitioner in one. He also holds an additional specialty in Toxicology and Pharmacology (he is my dream doctor,lol). So not only is he a member of the AAP, but he also has drug knowledge.

I would suggest speaking with both your General practitioner and your child's pediatrician as well as a pharmacist.
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After the birth of my first child i suffered from PND, mine was more of an anxiety issue rather than the rage but i went to my GP and she put me through a test to find out my mood e.g how many times in the past seven days have you laughed, cried, felt hopeless etc.  I didn't do very well on the test and i ended up going on an antidepressent called zoloft.  I started on a low does and then moved up to 75mg which is one a half tablets.  This took 2/3 weeks to work but then worked really well and i was able to cope a lot better.  I came off these tablets after 7 months and so far so good.  I was placed on this particular meds because i was breastfeeding and they are considered safe for the baby.
I sugggest going to your GP and if you don't get a satisfactory result try to find a PND website that will give you information on doctors etc that specialise in PND  related issues.  I know heaps n Australia but this will probably not be helpful if you live in NY, SORRY - good luck and know there are many women like yourself out there and what you are going through is not silly or all in you head.  Don't continue to suffer its not worth it.
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So I went back and the doctor prescribed Lexipro.  I had said Zoloft and he gave me this.   Has anyone heard about this drug and breastfeending???
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I take 50 mgs of Zoloft a day and breastfeed and have been for 15 months now.  It's one of the safest at that dosage.  My ob/gyn gave it to me as I'm prone to depression, have OCD and suffer from panic attacks.  I've been taking it since my 3 trimester.  I was on it before I got pregnant but stopped as soon as I found out.  Lexapro is quite safe too.
I just want to say that maybe I'm crazy but I still have post pregnancy rage ... but only towards my DH!! LOL
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When I read this, I must say I must have had PPD as well. For at least 6 months. Personally I am very much against any kind of mood altering drugs, though. When I felt my rage against DH to become overwhelming around week 4 post partum, I decided to go for very long walks with baby, any weather, every day. That way I could get out of sight of the person who drove me nuts the most and just walked off my anger. Being in nature and adoring our newborn was the only thing that made me happy back then. I don`t know if this could work for you, it is hard with more than one child - but maybe an additional way for you to pull yourself out of that hole.
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OH yes!!!  I thought how could I hate the DH so much and everyone else is so happy.  Good to hear in a weird way I am not the only one.  As per the walking we get out a lot we are usually rushing to a play date or some form of activity but I do think I am going to try walks to just walk.  As per the medication I started getting my periods on top of crazy hormones so during PMS it is rwally bad so now that I am finding out more of Lexipro I am going to give it a shot if only for a short time.  I always thought PPD was only depression i am glad I found out the rage is also cause I truly thought I was going crazy.
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Something that's natural and known to help with PPD related issues is Omega 3 fatty acids.  It's quite possible it won't be enough and you still need to be medicated, but at least it's something you can buy over the counter and start trying right away--and it's good for the nursing baby also.  I personally like Nordic Naturals brand since they are highly purified (to remove the mercury from the fish oils) and don't have an after taste.   You can buy them at any natural food grocery store such as Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Vitamin Cottage, etc.  I hope you find comfort soon!
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