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Hey All,

Not sure, but lately I have been very anxious feeling....I guess kind of like I'm going to have panic attacks.

I am 23 wks now and almost 24.

I had one very bad panic attach while on a driving trip w/hubby and dd. last year....I think that set the stage for me feeling stressed about getting them again.

I try and calm myself about it and relax, but sometimes it feels like it's coming on.  Will mention to my doctor at my appt tomorrow....but not sure if it can be a flood of hormones helping me to feel so bad.

My attack I did have was when we drove from CA to TX in our suv....it was raining really bad...we checked out of our motel and were house searching....I think it overwhelmed me not being in familiar territory and I had an attack.

I was feeling like doom for sure....all the blood ran out of me and I even told my hubby to call 911 while on the road...he pulled over.....they checked my heart, etc. and told me to drive to the hospital to save some money instead of the ambulance....we attempted that and BOOM I felt it again...hubby called 911 yet again...poor hubby....Believe me, I have never acted like that or felt like that before and if I asked for 911, then it was pretty serious.

I spent the day in the emergency room hooked up and tests run....they said no heart problems at all (that's what I thought it was).  I had a stress test when I got back home and I checked out fine...heart has an irregular beat, but nothing harmful.....

But now I think I am getting anxious again lately...not sure if it's maybe my blood pressure low?  I feel light headed at times today at work and wanted to go home, but I am sticking it out for a while and am eating my lunch hoping to feel better...otherwise, going home early to lay down.

Anyone feeling a bit "not themselves?" at this stage of preg?

Thank you,
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I'm 23wks pregnant and I know all about anxiety. I used to have panic attacks everyday. It was so horrible, like I wanted to run away. Try to stay strong. If it gets uncontrollable maybe talk to your doctor about it. Every time I feel one coming on I just kinda talk myself down and keep reassuring myself that everything is ok. If you need to talk let me know. I'm usually at the computer a lot and have a email address if you want it. I know it helps to talk to someone who's been through what your going through.
I've had Anxiety attacks from war caused PTSD, for me the only help i ever had was taking klonopin( Clonazepam from my Vets hospital. tried many others over the years but this does help me 'try it'
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Hey I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I was 13 yrs old when I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder and have been on medication ever since but have stopped meds about 2 years ago. I'm now 21 1/2 weeks prego. During the last couple weeks my anxiety has started to act up. Just remember that everything is OK and focus on your breathing. Reading or talking to someone anything to occupy your mind. Don't focus on the anxiety symptoms. Also, we're here for you. Take care.
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Try magnesium
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I have the same problem and I hate it I am only 8 weeks pregnant but have a history of anxiety, and I am not currently on meds. But I have had to call 911 2 times in the last month and I hate it cause they usually go away by the time they come and then I feel stupid, but since being prego they are worse and I almost can sense them coming on my arm gets a lil numb or my finger tips and its really scary especially if your alone when it happens, I agree you gotta just try to calm yourself down I usually walk outside and try to relax sometimes I will take a couple benedryl and it does help sometimes....good luck
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Also if my husband is home I will have him try to talk to me and he usually will tickle my back because it relaxes me,  I agree with darkestlight, it helps to talk to someone but I am usually alone so I feel ya...
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