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anyone on here do ivf? If so I have a ??

I hope you don't mind I'm on here even though I am not pregnant yet. I just finished my first ivf cycle. I am in the two week wait period and it is agonizing to say the least. My question is this: I have my first beta in two days, and I really don't feel any pregnancy symptoms yet. Did anyone get a positive beta from their ivf with not a lot of symptoms?


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Im sorry I dont have an answer to your question but do you know projectbaby from the infertility forum?  I think she is in the same boat as you.  I dont know much about IVF....just what Ive read on here.  Im assuming you have already had the implant done.  Is that even the correct term.....  I have been wondering about Jacquie and hows shes doing.  I hope you guys get pregnant!!
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Oh yes, I know her. She is having her embryo transfer, which is what you called implant, this coming Tuesday. Yes, I have had my embryo transfer and I have my first pregnancy test this Tuesday.

Thank you for responding even though you have not been through ivf. You are lucky, it is very hard emotionally. :)

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I did IVF, and went to test 8 days post transfer via a blood test at the lab.  *sound effect of not getting the right answer on a quiz show* -- up came a negative.  I took a home pregnancy test (ept, for the record) at day 11 post transfer with first morning urine.  It came up positive.  (Of course, I didn't believe it since the blood test was negative, but *ding ding ding ding* it turned out to be correct.)  

I had had no symptoms that couldn't have been written off to wishful thinking...one afternoon of slight dizziness, and some twinges in the abdomen, and that was all.  Also, it probably came up positive so early on a home test only because (at the time) it was twins, which could give more beta-hCG to measure.  So don't get discouraged, even a negative test only means the hCG level has not reached a certain number yet.  Good luck, you WILL make it through the 2ww. :)

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I did IVF and last time I had NO symptoms - I was so sure I wasn't preggo - I was - then I figured It wouldn't stick cause I had no symtoms - none!
so they did the second third and fourth betas - all doubling and then some
then my ultrasound at 6 weeks - I didnt even want to look because I had no symptoms I was sure that I wasn't preggo - I was - BUt no symptoms till week 8 or so  it was  a girl

now this time with a boy - my olfactory gland was out of wack - I knew at 9 days post transfer - and when it came time for ultrasound I told the tech - either somethiong is wrong or its a boy because i am so sick
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Oh, you guys are angels! I do feel better hearing that. I least I can have a little hope until my beta in two days. So you guys know how I'm feeling! I could almost laugh it's so bad!! I don't want to drive my hubby crazy with my speculations. Anyway, thank you.......

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I am 9days post 3day embryo transfer, all hpt have come up neg. This is my 3rd and final round of ivf. I do get waves of nausea and every twitch and symptom is most likely my mind playing games on me. Is it possible that i tested to soon with the hpt. I have had no bleeding but i know it's the progesterone im shots that keep me from bleeding. I guess my question is, is 9days post embryo transfer to soon to test with a hpt
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