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babies weight gain

when we saw the dr today he didnt seem too concerned about Cameron...he said he must be quite active etc etc and asked if i was increasing his milk intake by offering a lil more in between feeding because he should be getting 40-48 oz but its not a big deal..he is 6 mos today and weighs 15lbs 10oz and measures 71cm....the dr reccomended that about after being on pablum for a month which was back in january that he ought to start with puree baby food...he recommended a tbs cerealam,noon and pm with his veggies and at evening once he tried all the veggies to start fruits well i thought that was too much because when we tried it ds would throw up a bit...so he is only having baby food once a day at supper...he has a tbs veggies and a tbs fruits and 1.5 banana cereal and 1.5 oatmeal at lunch..in the am with his cereal he has 4-5oz milk...10am 3-4 oz; lunch 4-5oz 2pm 3-4oz supper 5oz between supper and bed around 6 3oz water and bedtime bottle 5-8oz it depends sometimes he will drink it and sometimes he will not... but in a month and a half he gained 1lb 2oz and grew 4cm..and his head grew 1cm as well...his total milk intake used to be 20-24 before cereal and now is 24-31oz which is WAY better the doc said..he doesnt seem concerned he said he was doing very good and that his food intake was very good etc but i am concerned of his weight..everywhere i look everyone's babies are bigger..i mean ds was 6lbs 15oz when he was born...i have a friend that her 2mos old is 14 lbs and drinks 4-6oz per 3 hrs...which ds was doing too..her ds was 8lbs when born...which keeping in mind he as well is formula fed...ugh...even here i hear the babies being bigger...is my little one normal...??? hes 6mos old and is still in 3-6 mos and ugh...what do u all think?
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I think every baby grows at a different pace and it does not seem like your little one is too small but rather right on target. My daughter is 5 mos and is 17lbs and I think that is huge but she is proportionate with her height and weight. Whee is Cameron on the growth chart? Is the height and weight consistent?
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accoding to the growth chart 7.1kg is liek the beginning of a 6mos old...
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I agree with Flikwerks... every baby is different. My son is 9 weeks old and weighs 14.5 pounds. He is a big boy! If the doctor isn't concerned then you shouldn't be!
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Again, make sure formula comes before anything else, including the water. Everything else simply takes up the space that could be filled by the only thing he really needs the first year anyway.
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My Cameron has tapered on weight gain, he's bigger, but has been sick and for the last few months has not gained, he has bounced back and forth in 23 lbs. so many oz. since December.  I think he did gain some and lost a bit when he was sick.  I have been pushing the formula first and then offering the solids.  Babies do all grow at different rates, and they grow like little inch worms, out then up, etc!  I would not be doing bottles of water though at all unless the Dr. is telling you to do so.  They will get all the water they need in the formula, and they need it when they are hungry.  Not sure if I read it wrong, but sounds like you are doing a water bottle in the evening.  I am a sucker for feeding on demand and even now if Cam wakes up hungry, I will feed him.  Last week he finally started to sleep all night and skip the 4 am feeding.  I love that he's out all night now, but don't feel that I spoiled him for feeding him when he was hungry.  I am pushing solids more now as he will be off formula soon, but still push the formula the most and at 6 months did solids, but still did a bottle after solids.  If Dr. is fine with growth I wouldn't worry, some babies are smaller too, could be he just isn't as big.  Can't really compare babies, my nieces were both almost 40 lbs. by the first B-day and not walking as they were too fat.  They were also short and had a hard time finding diapers to fit or clothes.  I'm fine Cam is not that big, he's still a good sized chunk.  Give yours time and he will be too!
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thank you..ive been offering the water because the dr reccomended he has 2-3 oz per feeding, but i substituted that with milk instead of water..he helps with him digesting his food better...even just milk...his poops are regular but like any babies sometimes he has the straining and ive found that at least by offering it once a day(versus the 3 times a day and 6-9oz daily) ive replaced it with 6-8 oz of milk. he sleeps 8-8 unless he wakes up in the night screaming....i dont know what thats about..he only ever has a soother for bed and naps..falls asleep and whatnot but i think he realises he cant find it so he freaks out..i guess its normal because he sleeps pretty good...some said to offer juice to him but i dont personally think juice should be given at this age especially in a bottle unless its a severe case of constipation and whatnot and the dr recommends it in the milk or whatnot...
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