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baby fussy still, formula question again

I couldn't find the post I posted the other day about formula.  Little Ryan will be three weeks old tuesday.  He likes to eat, eat, eat.  I am not sure I am feeding him to much.  He will take in 4oz if I let him every three hours.  I stop him at 2 1/2 and he cries and sucks on his hands. Is 4oz to much?  He is very fussy too.  I had him on simlac(sp) advance and changed it to the sentitive.  Is there a good formula for fussy babies.  He does have gas and I put drops in his bottle.  His poo is hard too.  I can't help but think he is in pain.  Could he just be a fussy baby?  He doesn't sleep good at all.  He could be quite and fine and then out of the blue just scream and suck his hands like he is hungry.  He is not spitting up either.  Sorry if this is the same question as the other day but I couldn't find the post.  
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He may just be a fussy little guy. I had one like that. Seems like no matter what you do they arent satisfied. I did nurse my son along with fomula, I dont think the formula did well with him at all.

I had posted trying Alimentum or Nutrimegen (sp?) these are both hypo allergenic formulas, the proteins are broken down. I didnt know about these when I had my son.
Another person had posted Lactosefree Enfamil.

Mabye talk to your ped. I have even heard of special formula being prescribed for kids with allergies/intolerance.

Trying massaging his belly in a downward motion. This may help him poop.
It does sound like (having hard poop) he is constipated having a hard time digesting.    
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Another thing to consider. You can talk to your ped. he/she may not have a clue about this or they might be right on board.
They make probiotics for infants. You can buy it at any health food store.
Probitoics have the same types of flora you would find in yogurt. These help your digestive system.
If you have seen at the grocery store they are now marketing a yogurt called Activa, it says on there how it helps with digestion. Its that concept.

The probiotics come in a powder form that you can put in the bottle.

I plan on taking some myself when I am nursing. I told my ped. I have been eating lots of yogurt. He said good, thats good for the baby to get those.

Just a thought.
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I was thinking about trying the nutrimegen. Will it hurt to change the formula again?  I am breastfeeding some.  I am making little milk, but manage to get him on each breast for a few before feeding him the formula.  At least I am giving him something.  The morning time is my best time to breastfeed for some reason.  How much did you little eat when they were about 3 weeks?  He was 7lbs 11oz at the drs. last week.  
Sorry if this is a repeat of the other day.  I got my pen and paper handy today.
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BTW, I got my thyorid checked.  I was a little on the hyperthoryid side.  Funny because I am hypothoryid.  My T4 was a little high, but the TSH was .3 or something like that - it was normal. dr didn't seem to think that it had nothing to do with milk supply.
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Here's a link, but it isn't quite the same one as before.  If you do a search on Medhelp using YOUR name, you should find all your recent posts and locate it that way.


Don't switch to Nutramigen unless your pediatrician advises you to do so.  Its very expensive and smelly.  

You may just have a fussy baby.  Read the article, make an appt with your ped to discuss this whole issue, too.  Good luck.  
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I had the same thing happening with my baby. She was always hungry it seemed and she would always be gassy and fussy after she ate. I changed her formula  3 times and found a great one. It's Parent's choice Gentle. My Dr. said this is fine to use and it worked great. She is now a happier baby and only fussy once in awhile. I don't have to use the gas drops at all now. Good Luck!!! :)
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