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beta thalassaemia minor / erectile dysfunction

Since my early twenties i have fighting a battle with the NHS to prove there is a connection between beta Thalassaemia minor and erectile dysfunction. I have tried every way to resolve the problem starting with the doctors, there i was told it was in all in my head. Next i had many years on counseling, this did help but only to accept the problem and not get to depressed. Hypnotherapy was next - did nothing for me. Then i discovered Cialis which was fantastic tablet but was not the cure. I finally forced the Doctors in to having my Prolactine and Testosterone levels tested which i soon discovered on the Internet could by the cause of my erectile problems. The results came back and I discovered both were border line but the Doctors dismissed it and said my results were normal. I was diagnosed with beta Thalassaemia minor about thirty years ago and only know starting to connect my blood condition to the erectile issues. As a 42 year old male my partner asked me to have a full health check done recently. My Hemoglobin levels came back low, this was due to my BTM but i am now wondering if there is a connection between this and my other testosterone / Prolactine level taken previously. Perhaps any one would like to put their thoughts on this theory or perhaps ask me a question. I would like to see if anyone else has a similar story.    
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Forgot to add check out these two websites which show the levels of Testosterone and Prolactine for a normal man.


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Hi. I have BTM and I'm suffering from erectile dysfunction since several years now and it's getting worse every year. I have 37 years old I started to have troubles since the age of 30. Now it's becoming like impossible to get hard without viagra. I feel desperate about it.
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