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birth control, but late period

Hi I'm on the pill and I expected to have my period yesterday, but I still have not gotten it today.  I don't think I could be pregnant because I have not had any sexual activity during the whole time I have been on this pill pack.  Last month, I was a day late on having my period and I was not pregnant.  What's causing this?
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Have you been taking your pills regularly?  Skipping even one pill during a pack cycle could do that to you.
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I have not missed a single pill.  I have taken one everyday, but have taken them late (not on the hour, maybe a few hours past the normal time i take them everyday).  I don't think I've had enormous amounts of stress lately.  I'm just confused as to why I am late.
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I was on the pill for almost 8 years before going off of them to get pregnant. But my periods were regular. I would start on Sunday and be done by Thursday. But a year ago, it changed to be starting on Monday and stopping on Friday. It was weird. But I guess your body changes and everything changes with it.
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you did'n get a single case of intercourse, so pregnancy is ruled out for sure.

you're supposed to get your period but you don't.  it's kinda side effect of the pill called 'postpill amenorrhea'. it's not a bid deal and it's caused by atrophic endometrium from progesteron effect. you can just wait without concern.

however, the evaluation will be needed if you don't get your period within 6 month.
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I have been on birth control for 2 years now, and this month my period is late. I have taken my pills late a few times... up to 12 hours after I was suppose to maybe on three seperate occasions. Could this be why I am late?
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