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blood types

if child was born with O- blood and mother is A+ would father have to be type A
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what types from both parent be to produce O- baby?
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According to this calculator, the father could be A,  B, or O.

The website also strongly states that this shouldn't be used to make assumptions about family trees - that this is theoretical only.

Go to the link where it says "Blood Type and RH factor" on the left hand side.

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If there is a question about paternity, a DNA test is more reliable.
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If the baby's blood type is O, then the mother or the father would have to have O blood, that is the way it was explained to me.

With my daughter I had O+, Ava has A+...we do not know what her Daddy's blood type is, but the hospital explained that her Daddy could only have A, or AB in order for Ava to receive the A type.

I did not question paternity but I wanted to have Ava's blood type in her records at home.  I assumed she would have my O type, I was a little bummed when they said A+.  

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I am sorry, I was wrong - the father could be A as well... here is an article that seems pretty detailed.

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From my understanding, father would have to be O-
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It's a long explanation, really.  Just like blue eyes, o blood is a recessive gene.  You need an o from each parent to be o blood.  Like brown hair, a and b blood are dominant.  If you get an o from one parent and an a from another, the baby will be a.  If you get an a from one parent and a b from the other, because they are both dominant types the baby will be ab.  Negative rh is also recessive, needing a - gene from each parent, while + is dominant, only needing from one parent.  

If mom is a+, she can still carry a recessive gene for o-, from one of her parents.  If dad is o- he can only carry 2 o- genes.  The baby will get an o- gene from dad and either an a or o gene and - or + gene from mom.  Baby can be either o-, o+, a+ or a-.
A baby with 2 o- parents will only be o-, but a baby with an o+ and an o- parent could be either  or, if the + parent also carries the recessive - gene.  

You will not be able to tell if someone is definately the parent of a child by blood types, and you may only rarely be able to say definately that someone cannot be the parent.  If that is the issue, you need to have a DNA test.
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