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breast milk

does anyone out there have any good reference books or sites to go to for breastfeeding questions? What I am really after is how long does it take the average womans body to transfer her intake (say...Spicy mexican food, caffene or alchol for a few examples)through her milk and then to her child?  I have read a range from 30 minutes up to 24 hours. Please there has got to be some type of study/scientific research out there that has broken down this process to some degree. I am a mother of three and just began nursing all over again, all is going great and I would like to continue breastfeeding for at least 9 months but I need some mommy time in there as well.I do have milk stored up n the freezer for those back up days, I just need to know how MY body works...Thanks taking the time to help us unravel what seems to be such a great mistery.
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i have a book at home a gf got me but i cant remember the name of it.  i havent started reading it yet..eeks...but i would call your dr and ask for their opinion and i know hospitals usually offer classes and there are lactating consultants you can call and talk to anytime at the hospital.  maybe go to amazon and put in breast feeding and see what comes up and read reviews... you can see what other people found helpful...if you find anything good..keep us posted, i would love to know..i am a lil nervous to breast feed
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my health nurse told me that it takes about 2-4 hours for what you eat to go into your breastmilk.  i also got handouts/phamplets from her on the topic.  maybe you could get some info from at lactation consultant as well.  best of luck!
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My sister is a breastfeeding fanatic and she says La Leche League is the gold standard for information.
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kellymom.com & The Complete Book of Breastfeeding 3rd edition by Eiger & Olds

Find a lactation consultant in your area just in case you have problems come up, they are much more informed than most doctors.
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