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breast tenderness

hey guys! lately(like the past week) my left breast right under the nipple has been having very painful shooting/stinging sensations and just yesterday the right breast started doing it to. i was wondering if this was normal or if any of you had experienced anything like it during your pregnancy, and also what might be causing it.
on a side note i just wanted to thank all of you for the advice you have given me these past 6 months. i know i'm not a big talker in these forums but i just wanted to let everyone know that your advice has been so helpful and reassuring to me.
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Are you pregnant or TTC?  Just curious.  I started having tender breasts before I was even late for my period and have the shooting pains you are talking about.  I'm 17 weeks 5 days and they still do it all of the time, especially at night.  I can't wait till they feel better.  Could be a sign of pregnancy or PMS.  Totally normal though, but I would mention it to your Dr.
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I have read a lot of women feel the tingling sensation in their breasts when they are preggers.  However, I had HORRIBLE breast tenderness last month to the point where they couldn't be touched (never happened before) and I had a BFN, so in some cases it means something and other times it doesn't!  Check out www.twoweekwait.com  Good luck!
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i'm actually 27 weeks pregnant right now, and they just started doing it like maybe 3 weeks ago or something like that......i dunno, it's really just a pain(no pun intended). i will definatly mention it to my Doctor though, my next appointment is Tuesday. Thanks for your response though, this is my first pregnancy and i'm just kinda like "uh.....is this normal? 'Cause none of this really seems normal" ha, oh well. i guess it's like that for everyone. :)
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