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breastfeeding question!

Hey everyone,
I used a breast pump for the first month after my daughter was born because she didn't take the breast. But by the second month i stopped breast feeding because i felt like a slave to the breast pump. My daughter is now 2 months old and has been showing signs of wanting to breastfeed. I haven't used a pump for a month now. Is there anyway that i could get my milk back and if so how? Thanks!
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Ask over at the Breastfeeding forum, and contact La Leche League.  Women who adopt sometimes (with a lot of persistence and determination) manage to breastfeed, it is hard to believe that after such a short hiatus you would be unable to.  Talk to your doctor, too... there is a medication sometimes given (at least in Canada) to help women produce more milk, though I don't know if it is effective once you have actually stopped.
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it is technically possible, i do know someone who did it. But it will take a huge committment, a lot of time, and a lot of work. it's not something you can try on a whim and expect to work. For the woman i know, it took months before she built her supply up enough to nurse exclusively. You will probably need the help of a good lactation consultant to see if the baby can learn how to latch. Unfortunately, in order to build a supply, you probably will have to nurse and pump. If the LC can get the baby to latch, she may be able to set you up with a supplemental nursing system to help the baby keep latching while still getting the stimulation to build up your supply. You can also speak to your dr. Like Annie said, there are medications that can help bring in your milk if you completely dried up.

I am curious... what are the signs you are seeing? If the baby never nursed, what makes you think that she may be interested? Have you been trying? If so, how is she responding. I am not saying any of this to discourage you. I am a big advocate of bf'ing. I just want you to know what kind of committment it would take. I imagine it would be exceptionally difficult if you are a working mom.
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It is possible, but will be hard.  You will most likely need a medication to help make it happen.  I'd say call your dr or the hospital's lactation consultant and tell them your story and ask what they say.  

Has your milk completely dried up?  Another thing that *COULD* work is to try pumping again.  Try pumping for 5 min to start with, and keep increasing if comfort level is ok.  Use olive oil if you think your boobs will be too sore, rub a tiny bit on the horn (I used this and it worked magic!).  It will most likely take at least a week before you start to get much, but by doing this, also try putting the baby to nurse sometimes.  I'd say wait till you start expressing at least a little bit of milk so the baby doesn't get too discouraged and start using you as a nuck.

Good Luck!

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