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brought Cameron to the clinic

i had no choice...he was up coughin all night...he was happy this morning however when he woke up he was throwing up clear fluid..what is that? it was not puke because it did not smell at all...he was happy after that so i tried him out for daycare he had a slight fever but had very red cheeks..well his fever was low grade but still a fever and he had the same liquid come up at daycare and after seeing the dr.. anyways the dr said...well the dr at the clinic said his lungs were perfectly clear...but yet he's wheezing alot and gurgling noises from his chest however that both his ears were sligh ear infections and that was probably why the fever came on...he said he rather his ped check him in the morning but that if he was having too much trouble breathing or spitting up blood that he should be sent to the ER...so he is on amoxicillan...not going to daycare tomorrow and were going to see his pedi in the afternoon tomorrow...
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Oh I hope he feels better soon! I'm not sure what that could have been...mucous possibly from swallowing drainage...
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I totally feel for you!  Jaden has been coughing his lungs off the past two nights and Jett had bronchialitis and RSV 2 weeks ago, was better last week and now is so stuffed up he can't breathe- I took him in to the dr. today too- scares me when they are so little!  I hope he's doing better!  Long time no talk- with three kids I'm hardly on anymore!!!  Hope you are doing well!
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thanks ladies...cameron was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and rsv twice and then had issues with his breathing...
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