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bug repellent

Well girls  Just had our first weekend at the trailer.
It actually went well better than I thought with 3 kids one being 6.5 months
Any way here is the question

What bug spray can you put on a baby? Has anyone ever done this?
(Never went camping with a babe before)
West nile has me freaking out!!!

Thanks girls
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Double check with your pedi, but they have recently lifted the ban on deet. You can use up to 10% on kids. To be safe with baby though I would suggest you get the citronella one that doesn't contain deet. When I was pg with Jonathan, I was living in Houston and the skeeters were nasty down there. My OB gave me the okay for citronella based repellent while pg.

Like I said, always check with the pedi, but now that Tristan is almost a year old, I have invested in OFF! that contains 8 or 10% deet and I have my citronella spray just in case (by the way, the citronella spray smells like lemon pledge, still makes me nauseated 4 years later,lol)

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Some one said to use skin so soft by Avon have u heard of that??
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There are a few brands out there now designed especially for kids-- I would check the label-- like sunscreens, I think they may say not be be used on kids under 6 months.  There are several without deet also.  I have heard of using SSS but I've also heard it doesn't really work.  I also saw a 'bracelet' thing at Shoppers yesterday that is citronella scented that you wear. May be just another fad that doesn't work.

Hopefully mosquito season will pass quickly. We went North last weekend too and the skitters were AWFUL! Last year we had bought DH a "bug suit" -- full mesh pants and jacket with a 'helmet' (we told him it was a space suit and he had no problem running around outside in it all weekend!)  It was from Lee Valley and pretty cheap.  ...the only thing was that we didnt' have kid bug spray there, and his hands were exposed and the poor little guy got a bunch of bites on his fingers and hands. He got a few on his feet too when he decided to take off his shoes and test out the water.  He's scratching like crazy-- his little hand was swollen from clawing at it. I painted him with calamine and gave him benedryl.  Next time I'll have to remember to have him wear mittens .Ha.Ha.

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The citronella stuff I was talking about is spray, I wouldn't trust the bracelets. The OFF! stuff is spray and wipes. Also, they have also apporved the use of some sunscreens for babies under 6 months. They have deduced it is better to prevent sunburn than the minimal risk associated with the sunscreen.

I never liked skin so soft as I always reacted to it, so I don't know anything about the current formula. Run this past your pedi or even just put a call into the office and see what they say. If you would like, I can email my pedi and see what he says. It usually takes a day to get a response but i will post it on this thread (it may be tomorrow)

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that would be great!
let me know !! We live in a small town no such thing as pedi around here its your family doctor and it takes about 1 month to get in to see him!! So hope your not dying in the mean time.
A pediatrician is about 2 hours away in the city I did have my babies there because my family doctor doesnt deliver!
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i agree with checking with your pedi but also....i won't put anything on the baby's hands...because my dd sticks her fingers i her mouth.

also are you nursing or bottle feeding??
did you know that mesquito's can smell your blood,  they prefer sweet blood...i used to have a friend that ate junk food like it was cool and would get eaten alive around mesquitos....i eat junk too but not as much and i was(am undercontroll) hypoglycemic(sp?)  so my body gets rid of sugar quickly....we could stand right next to each other and he'd get bit all over and i wouldn't get one bite.weird huh?

oh i forgot...last summer i found this stuff (by accident) it was a gel that was citronella based and it actually worked better than off did on my one nephew that is allergic to mesquitos....i think it was called ugly buggly or something cutesy like that.
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I found some great information today regarding repellents.

"DEET. The most effective insect repellents contain N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, known as DEET. The repellent is available in varying strengths up to 100%. Research shows that strengths greater than 50% do not provide substantially higher protection. Unless you are in areas with intense pressure from mosquitoes, repellents with 10% to 35% DEET should keep most mosquitoes away. A solution of 23.8% DEET provides about 5 hours of protection from mosquitoes. Concerns have been raised about safety because DEET is applied to the skin. Studies over the past 40 years have not shown that DEET causes cancer or other illnesses. However, DEET should not be used on children under age 2. DEET should also be used carefully on clothing; it may damage some synthetic fabrics as well as plastic watch crystals and eyeglass frames.

Citronella. This lemon-scented oil, derived from a plant, has been found to repel mosquitoes, but it is not as effective or as long-lasting as DEET. The product can be reapplied frequently to increase its effectiveness. Citronella can be found in lotions or in candles for outdoor use. Citronella applied to the skin provides 15 to 20 minutes of protection from mosquitoes. There is no scientific evidence that citronella candles are effective.

Avon's Skin-So-Soft. This lotion garnered acclaim years ago when some people said it repelled mosquitoes. The fragrance and certain chemicals in the lotion do repel some insects. The product offers 3 to 10 minutes of protection from mosquitoes. The company also now sells a Skin-So-Soft product with a U.S. government-recognized repellent.

Permethrin. This plant-based chemical is an insecticide that works on contact. It should be applied to clothing, not skin. When combined with DEET applied to the skin, permethrin applied to clothing provides the best protection against mosquitoes. A study found that a combination of permethrin on clothing and 35% DEET on the skin provided nearly 100% protection over 8 hours.
Bite Blocker. This natural product combines soybean, geranium, and coconut oils. It has been used for several years in Europe. An application of 2% soybean oil provides about an hour and a half of protection from mosquitoes."

Now with all this information I wanted to add that this was written in 1998, before they lifted the ban on DEET. I emailed my doctor and asked about repellent and sunscreen. He said both were okay. Keep in mind that my youngest will be a year old on Friday and my oldest is 3. But he did also give me the okay for sunscreen last summer when my baby was only a month old. I am very fair skinned as are my kids, he sais it wa s arisk versus benefit situation and that a sunburn is far worse than anything in the sunscreen.

So, I will still advise you speak to your doctor's. But this is what my pedi said. I respect him, he has never steered me wrong when it comes to my boys : )Definitely keep it off of baby's hands and feet. OFF! makes wipes now, so that is what I plan on using on my baby.

Good luck!

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