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cervix position and pg symptoms

hi , was wonderin if any1 can gv me any feedbak? im ttc and had sex on 3 days of my fertile time, since then i have bein having tender boobs/nipples and having a feeling that im more aware of my boobs being there [starnge i know!lol] iv felt a bit queasy in the evenings and was extremly shky the other day even though id had breakfst, the soreness of my boobs has dyed off, but iam left with heartburn and the coming and goin of soreness and feelin slighlt sick. i was due on yesterday and i checked my cervix position it was slightly high and slightly firm but only just , i checked it again today and i cant reach it, it seem really wet, n i have a feeling of wetness dwn there, like af has arrived, iv also had a few pains in the last week thinkin my af was coming but thats gne to , now i just hav a slight bloatness and back ache?
plz help , iv oreder a test will come tomorw hopflly, but what does it all sound like to u? does it sound like i have a good chance? and what about y cervix position??
thanx xxxxxx
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You should test.  Early pregnancy symptoms are very close to pms symptoms.  And I would leave your cervix alone.  You are introducing bacteria into your vagina.
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^^ right, you could even cause your cervix to open if you mess with it too much,
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i checked my cervix when i was pregnant with my first child and evrything was fine , cervical tracking is a big help in knowing ovulation/pregnancy (though confusin) and is used by millions, and if done correctly and kept clean its fine.
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This may be dumb, but how do you check your own cervix? I can't even reach mine!!! (it's really far back) Even the doctor has a problem finding it sometimes...
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emzi- thats true but many many doctors dont want you checking your cervix often, to be on the safe side i wouldnt, they dont do a lot of vaginal exams early in pregnancy for that reason
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