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chest pains at 24 weeks

Hey ladies! How is everyone? Quick questions then feel free to use this as an open forum.
I was getting ready for work this morning and got some sharp chect pains. They were right where my boobs are but in my chest(if that makes sense) then the sharpness went away and it felt like someone was standing on my chest. A little hard to breathe but not too bad. it lasted for about an hour then felt better. Now it is here again. Any one know what this is or had this happen to them?
I will be 24 weeks pregnant tomorrow!
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One more questions. When I feel my baby move today I feel it in my stomach as always but it also feels like his foot is in my tootiebox (vagina) sorry just get used to calling it something. Like he is trying to stick his foot or something out of me. Is that Normal?? Help I am so confussed today
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My mom said she felt like I was going to fall out of her at times.
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First question...could it have been heartburn? I describe my heartburn during pregnancy as chest pain.

Second question....yes that is normal. I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel it every pregnancy.
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I too felt terrific heartburn, another reason could be the ribs, rib pain comes by in the second trimester, your stomach is being pushed up by the baby and I tell you it can hurt!
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Yeah I guess it could have been heartburn, just seems like that should come on after I eat something and I haven't had breakfast yet when it started. But if it was then that was some SERIOUS heartburn. Had me in tears.
I guess it could have been rib pains too. Never heard of that though.
Thanks ladies
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I would have an ekg to be sure.  As a nurse I know that the increase of blood flow your heart has to deal with can sometimes bring on problems that you've had all along but were able to manage fine.  The only way to be sure is an ekg.  I wouldn't wait.
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SOrry I am clueless to this but what is an EKG? I will call my OB now but will you guys please keep checking this and I will let you know what the doctor says when I talk to them. You ladies always make me feel better. Thanks I am calling now
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Okay doctor just called and told me to go to ER if it happens again. She said that is not pregnancy related so they can't do anything for me there. I told her is was not hurting now and htat is was for just an hour this morning.
I asked if it could have been heartburn and she said that ir could have been but if it happened again to go to the ER to have an EKG. Is that a little extreme or am I not taking this serious enough?
I am a pretty healthy person and Have had no problems with my heart ever and No problems in this pregnancy so far. Everyting had been going great. HELP ME
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i get trapped gas in my chest. sounds grose but if i eat some tums and let out some air out of both ends i tend to feel better.
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the worse heartburn I get is on an empty stomach, this is caused by the excess stomach acid, so could be that. I agree you should ask your doc just to be on the safe side.
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I just wonder if perhaps you "slept wrong" so to speak. Sometimes when I lay in a certain position for too long, or if I turn to quickly, it "pulls" something.
Since this was early in the morning (before breakfast) maybe you just slept wrong or pulled a ligament or muscle. Kinda like your neck if you sleep wrong, it takes a while to work out the kink. Your body may not feel it constantly, but when when you move a certain way, or bend over etc...it may trigger the pain again.

Just an idea! LOL

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Do you feel like your heart is racing?  Beating rapidly?  I had the short of breath rapid beat at 8 weeks and ended up in the hospital for 9 days.  They said it was caused by the baby.  We are both fine now but I have to take meds and be monitored.  I have a healthy heart it was not my heart itself it was the extra fluids being pumped through it made it work to hard.
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an ekg is an electrocardiogram and no your not taking it seriously enough until everthing is ruled out then presume its gas... its better than the alternative..
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