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chronic endometritis questions

At 3 months postpartum I was found to have a retained placenta. I had a D&C that resulted in a perforated uterus. I was hospitalized for a week and had 2 blood transfusions, but never received any antibiotics. That was 20 months ago. Since then, I have had chronic pelvic pain, pain when I urinate, and extremely painful periods particularly when standing up. 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with chronic endometritis. I have been on antibiotics for 3 weeks and my symptoms have not improved at all. What is the next treatment if after 4 weeks of antibiotics my endometrial biopsy comes back positive for inflammation again? What kind of risks does this pose for future pregnancies?
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Hi deb412,
Sorry to hear what you have been through and are going thru now.  My chronic endometritis was just diagnosed. 3 1/2 years after having my son.  Discovered, because I have not been able to get pregnant again.  I really don't have have any major symptoms: just vague pelvic discomfort, and strange periods -they are much shorter/lighter than in the past. I recall having had a high fever/feeling terrible a few weeks after having my baby, they treated me for mastitis, with an antibiotic that was relatively safe for nursing.  Anyway, my doctor has given me Augmentin x 7 days,to try see if this could help (also mention Flagyl which is approved for Endometritis.). I have little hope that this will help me conceive, as I could have had an this problem for a long time and the damage may be done.  The next step for me will be a hystoscopy/laproscopy to see what's going on inside and assuming that there is scarring/calcifications to see if things can be cleaned up at all.  
Which antibiotic were you on?  What are you on now?  I wonder if they would recommend a laproscopy surgery for you....
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I had a baby in Apr. 2007.  One week after I was hospitalized with acute endometritis and given IV antibiotics for a few days.  The pain got much better and was discharged.  Then I started having chronic abdominal pain that could not be diagnosed.  I saw several gyn's and finally one suggested doing a D&C and abdominal laparoscopy to see what was going on.  I was diagnosed with chronic endometritis.  Then a few months later I was pregnant.  My current OB said I would not have been able to get pregnant if I'd still had the chronic endometritis.  At 24 weeks I started having pre-term labor and was hospitalized for the duration of my pregnancy.  It's been a month since I had my baby and I'm having the very same abdominal pain I had before.  Does anyone know if you can get pregnant with chronic endometritis and if that could be what caused the pre-term labor?  And if so, how can I get rid of it now because I don't think antibiotics are going to help.
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