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cornual and intrauterine pregnancy

I am 28 yrs old and i'm 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant of triplets but the other one is cornual are there any chances of  surviving?
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aikee,  this is really  a difficult situation.  I'm so sorry you're going through this.  

Do you have access to surgery?  What does your doctor say?
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my next appt in my ob is on tuesday... i hope they can survive
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Prayers for you,  aikee.  I hope you keep us updated.

You need to consider your own safety and health,  here.  
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When I did IVF, my doctor told me that if it resulted in triplets, he would recommend a "reduction," meaning that in the early stages it is possible to remove one embryo without harming the remaining embryos.  He said he would recommend a particular specialist in a different city, not anyone local, so apparently this is very delicate work.  However, this is not a complete answer because a cornual pregnancy is a very serious problem in itself.  I'm kind of surprised they are waiting until Tuesday to have a further discussion with you, unless the embryo is not implanted so high as to be of immediate threat to you.  I would ask to see the high-risk ob-gyn right away.  If one is cornual, it might cause you to lose all three or yourself, but if the one can be removed, it *might* be possible to save the other two.  I know this is a sad choice, but you are at risk too, so you really must take your doctor's advice.  Please ask your ob-gyn for a referral to a high-risk ob-gyn if he does not suggest it, and if a reduction is suggested, ask the high-risk doctor to refer you to the surgeon who is the best in the region for doing that kind of procedure.

Good luck, sweetheart.
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thanks... but i can't feel any pain...  hope they all can survive or the other remaining baby's can.
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