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cramps after ivf day 5 transfer and waiting the 2ww?

In case our 2ww group can't find us, because Nicki and LJ miss you - were here:

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hey i did a 5dt too! i only transfered 1 five day blast and im 11weeks preggo! i had some mild cramps about 4 day after the transfer and i started doing hpt at 5 dp transfer. it was + and got darker every day! how many days past transfer are you and are you going to test with htp? i could not stand it. a girl that i met at my clinic and she did the same as me on the same days as me did not test + till 2 days before beta. let me know.
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Yes, I just did a five day transfer. My first ivf cycle. Just got a bpf, 160 9 days post transfer, and I have been cramping off and on since about three days post transfer. I think it's normal, unless it's severe. Mine feels like my period is going to start
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Hi there we continued our chat in the forum posted above. There are several of us who are going through or just went through the 2ww. I did a hpt at 10 days post blastocyst transfer and received a BFP. I am currently almost 6 weeks.
Please join us in the other forum...
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Hi guys.
Just wondering, are any of you in your 40's and got pregnate useing your own eggs thru invitro?  I have been reading alot and have a friend who is 43 and Preg. I did Ivf in dec resulting in M/c with donor eggs. I was wondering if my freind can be preg at 43 why I was told I needed to use donor eggs and if maybe there is a chance I could use my own???any thoughts?
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Just had 3 day transfer this past Saturday and am going insane!  This 2 week wait is worst part of the whole ivf cycle.  I hope all of you are blessed with healthy babies.
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Just wanted to thank everyone for your answers.  Today is my 5th day after  a 5 day embryo transfer and last night I got such horrible cramps that I thought I would get my period I was so scared.  this is my 2nd iVF cycle. I feel much better now that I have read some of the answers that you have provided.

I will keep you posted

Houston, TX  
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Reza1 today is my 5th day ET and feeling horrible cramps , they come and go , please keep us updated .. im scared i dont know what to do , i'm thinking of a hpt .
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Hi there,
today is my 3rd day post transfer and i also have cramping on and off... I have to wait 9 more days before doing the test and am going crazy! Is cramping a pregnancy sign????
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to start by saying what a huge help everyone's comments have been.  

I am 4 days post ET and have been cramping on and off.  Symptoms like my period coming.  We were told at our ET that our embryos were of poor quality.

Has anybody out there had a BFP after being told their embryos were poor.  This 2ww is killing me.

Fingers, toes and all crossed for us all

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I think we are almost on the same schedule.  I had my transfer on 7/3 and I only made 3 eggs (they all fertilized) & they put all three in.  I was told that 2 were week & the cramping is so bad.  I wish I could take a pain killer.  My back feels like it is breaking.  I'm not sure how to feel...I want to be positive but I'm thinking a little negative & I'm afraid to talk about it.  If someone can get back to us to let us know if they got pregnant with weak embroys?  
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I read all of your comments/posts and wanted to say that I too had cramps days 2-4 post transfer.  I didn't even call the re's office.  Later I found out that it was probably implantation cramps - I got pregnant and had the baby in April - GOOD LUCK!
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The cramping is crazy for me too. I am from Africa and talking about IVF is almost a no!no!. Thanks guys for all the comments
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i m 5 days post 5 day transfer and today i had mild cramps . Was bit scared but after reading all these posts a bit relieved. My beta is on 18 aug ie monday so 4 more days . Lets keep the fingers crossed and be positive.
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Hi everyone
It is sooooo helpful to see others are going through similar situations.  I had the transfer 5 days ago (2nd IVF) and this morning I had cramps (just like when I am about to get my period).  I have been trying to think positive all throughout, but today (on my b-day) I am feeling sad and confused.  I am trying to keep positive thoughts; The Secret makes it look easy.  I wish you all much happiness and courage.  I am not sure I have either today.
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I have my post day 2 and I feel like my period is gonna start any minute.I had 3 embryos transferred. I am just hoping that God will help me.
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Hi.  I'm going through my 3rd IVF.  First cycle was day 3, one embryo.  It didn't take, but I had no cramping.  Second cycle was day 5 transfer with 2 perfect embryos.  I just knew it would work and it did, but only produced a chemical pregnancy.  I also did not have any cramping until several weeks later when my period came.  This my 3rd cycle, I recd 3 embryos on day 3 - 3 days ago.  I've had cramping on and off the entire time.  I have no idea what to think.  It's heartbreaking for all us to be in this situation and I'm praying for everyone.  With all my heart I trust what's meant to be will be.  

Hang in there!  
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i had my transfer 6days ago. transfered 2 blasto and the doctors office told me to come in on day 7 for pregnancy test. and now i see every one waits 2w to test. am also having mild cramps am scared to death but i pray that all is well.
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I too had my transfer on 9/8, I had very bad pains the first few days, felt very tender inside. Now I am experiencing bad lower cramps. Almost feels like my period is about to start. I have had 6 failed iui cycles and this is our first ivf. I am not sure of it is period pains, the progesterone or what? I know I will cave and test early.
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Hello, I had 2, 5 day FET tranfered on 9/7.   They said one looked healthy one not so much.  But they transfered both anyway.  I don't know what to think either.  I want to be happy and positive, but also have doubts in my mind.  On 9/10 I started to feel the cramps that everyone is is talking about, and thought that it was a good sign.  I have more hope now.  I don't know why exactly, but the two ww is killing me.  I just want to knwo.  
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Amy I am getting ready to start a third ivf transfer, this time I am doing a FET maybe you can answer some of my questions. Did you do birth control and lupron? Did you bleed while on Lupron? I bleed for two weeks I started to bleed (lightly) the day before I started my Lupron shots. Today I went to the RE for an ultrasound and blood work. They said everything was fine and he lowered my lupron from 10 to 5. I now am taking estrace (pill) and I go back on Wed. Is this familiar to you? I am also going to transfer two this time. I only have three frozen. What day did you freeze your embryos, we froze ours on day six. How may ivf transfers did you do. Is this your first FET? My first two transfers were fresh and both were completely different. I felt nothing the first time and I got my period the day of my blood test. My second I felt cramps and I started to have a pinkish discharge around day 4. The discharge lasted for a few days and then on day 9 I had a brown discharge along with cramps. The night before my blood test I got my period. So it's hard to compare what your feeling, cause it's all so different. Try not to stress. I also write on this same site under "cramps after IVF" just go under "discussion" and click on "cramps after IVF" Some of the girls on there I went through my last IVF with and they are now pregnant. They still keep in touch and maybe it will help you too. Good Luck and keep us posted.
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Hi Devistated,
I would love to be able to help you with your questions, but I can't.  This is all relatively new to me and my situation is completely different.  My husband and I are newly married and have a blended family.  Both of us had our tubes tied in our previous relationships.  After getting together we relised we were hoping we could find a way to be blessed with children together.  Our first round of IVF was in March 07, resulting in a healthy baby boy in November 07.  When we went through our first IVF we only harvested 9 eggs, and even fewer sperm.  6 actually fertilized, 4 made it to day 3, day 3 we transfered two (one resulted in our son) and we froze the other two.  Do to the cost of everything we didn't feel right leaving our two embryo's in cryo for ever, so we did an all natural cycle this time.  No hormone support at all, no intervention from the doctors.  The only thing they did, was unfreeze, make sure they were still growing (only one was of good quality) and on day 5 transfered our last two.  I felt that if we were meant to be blessed with another baby, it will happen.  If not, we at least let my body be the last place our emby's were, not a petri dish.  
All that said, I want nothing more then to be pregnant.  I want to enjoy these days and live in the possibility of having a blood sibling for our son.  
Sometimes, I ramble, did I answer your question??  :)  
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I am going through my second ivf right now.  The first failed and I fear this one is going to as well.  Last night I started to get a bit of light brown/beige discharge and it has increased slightly today, but still light.  I'm supposed to get a pregnancy test on Thursday (in 2 days), but I gave in and bought one myself and it is negative.   I am so fearful that my period is coming, since this is how it often starts.  Has anyone had discharge (slightly tinted), a couple of days prior to testing and still gotten a BFP.  I've been praying so hard and I don't want this second try to be a loss.  Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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I had my first IVF failed. I got my result yesterday, but I haven't got my period yet??? I feel awful
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Hi, I'm curious, how did your test go today. I had a pinkish discharge that turned to brownish discharge (i was so excited, I thought it was implantation) I did not have a good outcome. Negative results, this was also my second IVF. I am attempting my third transfer in a week, we are doing a frozen transfer.  A first for me. I hope all worked out for you and I hope you post your results.
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