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dairy intolerance/allergy?? or coincidence?

Hi everyone. I only have a few weeks of breast milk frozen left, so I have started to give some bottles of formula to see how dd tolerates it. She is 7 months old. She did have some formula the first week of her life while i built up my supply and did not seem to have any problems.
A month ago DH gave her some formula during the day. She happened to be up screaming with a tummy ache that night. (I know it was tummy cause her belly was hard and she was thrashing). At her 6 month check, we asked the ped about it and he said that formula is digested within 3-4 hours, so it wouldn't have been from that.
Last weekend we tried the same premixed formula around 9 pm. She happened to have a cold as well. She woke up at midnight gagging on mucous. First she threw up the entire feed. It appeared that coughing triggered it, and she has done this in the past with breast milk when she has a drip. Then, for the next 2 hours she would cough in her sleep, turn bright red and start gagging. we sat her up, she would wretch and dry heave, and finally puke up a ball of mucous. I figured it was from her nasty cold, but I asked the ped about it on Monday. He said it wasn't the formula. It wasn't my regular ped, and I didn't really like him, but he seemed sure.
Yesterday she got half of her feeds in formula (same brand, but powdered). Last feed was at 9:00 but it was breast milk. At 2:30 she woke up. She never wakes up. I tried feeding her (not hungry), changed, her, and gave her tylenol because her teething has been bothering her. An hour later she was screaming so we gave her motrin as well. DH said she had a poop that was a little looser than normal, but her bm's are always loose. She screamed for an hour and half, until i was finally able to rock her to sleep. In between she would dose off and start screaming in her sleep while i was rocking her.
This AM i heard a big, wet fart and went to change her expecting the usual loose poops. instead all i found in the diaper was a small wad of mucous. literally looked like someone sneezed in her diaper. a half hour later she had a bm. yesterday she also had one diaper that had a significant amount of mucous in it.

so my questions-
can any of this be from teething? does motrin always help if it's teething? an hour after getting it she was still screaming.
is any of this indicative of a milk allergy?
anyone have similar experiences?

she's happy as a clam now, so i think i am going to go back to breast milk for a day and see what happens. tomorrow maybe i'll try a different brand of formula.
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Unfortunately, we've lost a good poster who may have some insights to offer.

My first thought would be that she simply doesn't feel well from the recent cold, is producing and swallowing excess amounts of mucus which is making her gag and otherwise struggle with feeds and digestion.

About the wad of mucus in her diaper, I don't have a clue.

I wouldn't particularly like to see you go around switching formulas just yet, b/c you won't know if she got better b/c she eventually got over the cold/mucus issue, or if the formula switching caused her to get better.

But--I am not you, and you are in the situation and have your mommy instincts to help you.  If she does not improve, I would take her in to be seen and get the advice of your pediatrician.
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Don't know if it's an actual allergy, but my last baby did something very similar (mucus, coughing, hard stomach, and spitting the entire contents of her stomach up, mucusy poo (I know what you are talking about there, looks icky) ...).  We did switch formulas a couple of times trying to find one that we thought she would tolerate, ended up using Nutramagen by Enfamil, I believe.  

Some of the mucus could indeed be the cold.

She eventually grew out of whatever it was that was making her ill like this.  She's almost 2 now and does drink milk very well.  As long as her child is gaining weight, that's good.  When you start switching though, our ped told us to mix the two to get her switched over before going full out on the new one.  But our baby was entirely formula fed.

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Hmm, I would be concerned about the mucuus she passed in her diaper.  That doesn't sound normal.

I would mention it to a doc.  And keep a record as you have been and take it in and show him so you don't get the brush off.
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aw... peek... you put that last statement so diplomatically. now i can't get pissed off and say that you're telling me i'm a bad mommy for not running to the ped. and considering switching formulas. :)

but seriously, i do sometimes wonder if i'm too easy going when it comes to this stuff. i always let her be sick a couple of days before i bother calling the dr. i teach preschoolers, dh is a pharmacist, and she's in daycare. i know she's gonna get sick between everything we all bring home. and i guess cause i've seen so many kids with simple bugs, i don't panic when she doesn't feel well. and so far i've always been right following my instincts. I will however take your advice and stick with the same formula tomorrow. for today i am going to stick with breast milk to see if there's any problems, so i can compare if anything happens tomorrow. I promised dh i'd call the ped if i see anymore mucous. he said it's not normal for babies to fart boogers.

she doesn't have any real cold symptoms anymore, except for a little bit of phlegm. but i guess that doesn't mean it's not still draining down her throat. her low grade fever's been gone for 2 days.

i forgot to mention that she doesn't spit up at all, and hasn't with these episodes either. if it were the milk/formula, she probably would be spitting up right?

thanks to all of you for your input.
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I don't know what to say about the mucus in the diaper, but all the other stuff you're describing about coughing and coughing so hard they throw up is what my DD has been going through for the past 3 weeks.  From what you describe, it sounds like it's all having to do with sickness and nothing to do with formula.

Now, the part about introducing the formula, what I would recommend is mixing a blend in the bottles and making all bottles the same, e.g. 1 part formula and 3 parts breastmilk.  Then after a couple weeks go half & half, and so on.  This was a much better way to introduce my kids to formula.  One whole bottle of plain formula wasn't eaten as well and it seemed to trigger constipation.  

Good luck!  For her cold, keep using saline drops in her nose to break up the mucus and use the snot sucker to bring it out.  If she gets a fever for 3 days, even low-grade, see the doc.  We've been through the whole array of sickness here.  Yuck.
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Sam had really mucousy (is that a word??) diaper and a terrible diaper rash when he had a bad cold and chest infection. I also had him on a different formula than normal at the time as I was in England and had bought a British brand. I don't know if it was the formula, the cold or the antibiotics that caused it. I found giving him ready made formula made things a bit better but it didn't sort itself out until he finished his antibiotics and got over his cold.
I think it's a coincidence about the formula, you are probably right she would be spitting up/vomiting if she were alergic to the formula.
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