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delayed miscarriage

hi everyone, im new to this, but need advice, i had my u/s on the 14th aug, my last period was 9th, so i worked it out i was 9 weeks,  they said on the monitor i was only 8 and half weeks, and they said they couldnt find no heartbeat, and bleeding in the yolk sac, i havent had no bleedind, no pain, no brown spotting wot so ever, i dissagree of wot they said,   i still feel symptoms of pregy, even my belly does, so wot should i do, i feel i need another u/s just to be on safe side,  and then let nature take care of it self,  but how long will it take, and how bad can pains get, please get in touch
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When I let nature take its course with my last miscarriage I was around 11 weeks when it finally started. That was after an 8 or 9 week sono where they found no heartbeat.

I bled very heavily and ended up going to the ER. It was not containable in a pad so they told me to go in. Some had gotten stuck in my cervix and that is why I kept bleeding. They gave me the choice of a d&c and I chose to wait it out. I bled for another week or two off and on. Other than low back pain when the miscarriage first started, there really wasn't much pain at all. No more than a period anyway.

I started spotting about a day or two before the heavy bleeding. About an hour before the heavy bleeding my low back started having terrible pressure to where I could hardly walk.

It helped me alot that I had already had a sono and knew it was coming. Otherwise I would have completely freaked out.

So sorry you are going through this.
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I should add that I got pregnant exactly one month later and had a healthy baby boy who is now 2 yrs old.
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Does your doctor say that it's safe for you to wait and see how your body handles things?  If it's safe to wait it out, maybe you can ask for another ultrasound if cramping and/or spotting doesn't start in the next week or two?
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would your hcg(is that or hgc?) levels go down now if it were going to happen? did they say if doing a blood test would be worth it now>? i am soooo sorry you are experiencing this. prayers to you and your family now.
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they havent done any blood tests, still no pain wot so ever, im asking for another ultra sound scan, its been a week now,
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I was in the smae situation.  I went at 11 weeks and no heartbeat I felt great.  however I opted for the dnc to make sure I was cleaned properly and a month later I didn't have to have a dnc.  I had a miscariage 8 years ago also and did not fully miscarry so I had to have a dnc anyway.  I hope this helps.  god knows it doesn't make it any easier..
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