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depo provera

I had my daughter 7mo. ago, I took the depo shot 2 weeks after having her, Ive been on the shot before and had no period at all for 4 years(before I had my baby) Every since giving birth, I have bled on and off.(ex: I might bleed for a couple of days(light) then I might not have anything for a month then all the sudden I start getting the cramps and bleeding again.  then I might bleed on and off all month.  I cant explain. I thought maybe someone one here could help
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Oh yeah, I took a pregnancy test and it was neg.
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when i first went on depo i did that. i chalk it up to my system clearing out.  after a couple of months it stopped and i never had a period again until i stopped taking it all together of course.
hope that helped

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I've never taken Depo-Provera but I've heard alot about how it can 'mess up' your cycle.  Every one reacts different to it.  It can help you but also make your cycles worse.  I'm sorry I can't help you much here.  But overall, I don't like Depo because of all the things I've heard about it.  I've heard more disadvantages then advantages to using it.  If you continue to have these problems w/ it, then I suggest you change your contraceptive to something else.  Have you used the pill before (BCPs)?  You can get on that.  My opinion is that BCP pills cause less if any problems than Depo.  

Also, if your concerned about pregnancy (even though you had a negative test) you can have your doc give you a blood test to make 100% sure before continuing w/ more depo and/or BCP.  Hope things turn out okay w/ you.  Best wishes! Take Care.
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I too have heard nothing but negative about Depo. If it worked for you before, it might again. Then again, things change after giving birth. After I had my daughter it took me a few tried to find a pill that worked for me. My reg pill made me irregular and moody, so I had to switch a few times to find one that worked.

Although I do want to mention that if you like Depo because you can't remember to take the pill regularly then you should try the Nuva ring. It is the same hormones as the pill, just inserted into your vagina. When we first discussed it with my dr, I thought "I will never stick my fingers in my cooch!!" and I worried that I wouldn't be able to position it right. but to be honest, it doesn't go that far up, you cannot feel it at all (unless it is positioned wrong) and you can have sex with it in (my DH couldn't feel it) and it is basically idiot proof. IF you feel it, you stick your fingers in and just move it around a bit.

It is soft and flexible and slightly larger than the ring of an unwrapped condom. In fact if you want to know what it feel like, unwrap a condom (leave it rolled) and just squeeze it between your fingers. It stays in for 3 wks and then comes out for a week and you have your period and put another in for 3 weeks. There is a little timer that you get free form your dr that beeps when it is time to take it out and again when you are due to put another in. The cost is comparable to the pill, in fact the same as the multi-hormone pills.

Anyway, I would strongly reccomend the ring to you if you are looking for a BC that you don't have to think of every day. It also has the same side effects as the pill. I would at least consider it. I balked at first, but once I tried it for one month, I LOVED it and once this little Bean is born and I am thinking of BC again, you can bet that is ALL I will ever use!
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It is amazing how things can change after you have a child. I was on depo for many years before getting married and loved it!! But then after I had my son I went on the shot (the only option when nursing besides condoms or the mini-pill) and my libido suffered along with my moods. I never did spot or bleed, but the other side effects were enough to get me to stop.

After this one, I am looking into an IUD or just going back to the condoms as I plan on breastfeeding again.

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I bled for nearly 3 months on Depo.  By the middle of the second month my dr put me on another pill to stop the bleeding.
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I´ve been taking depo provera every 11 weeks for the last 10 years. I have not had a period for the entire time.
I am going to be 30 years old in October and have decided that I want to have a baby with my boyfriend. Will my level of fertility or chances of pregnancy be affected because of the prolonged use of this drug. I hear 3 years is considered prolonged- I´ve been on it for 10.
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i took the depo shot for almost a year now they say for mr to have kids i have to take hormone pills to get pregnant
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