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diet pills???

hey guys some of u might know my story already...but just to re-cap everything really quick ive ttc for for 7 months have PCOPS..are taking met. had surgery in Jan. due to blockege in my ures for polyps..now i had asked my ob to put me on clomid but he still wants to wait..and he also told me i need to lose weight im a plus plus size woman 300+ and i was givin this diet pills from my family doc. who told me that can help me lose quick 50 lbs in 2 months or so..with diet and excises i want to start on monday but that means i will be givin up ttc for 2 months do u think this diet pills will interfere me at all after ??? im really worried anything could help!!
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A loss of 50 lbs in 2 months is not healthy.  That kinda has me concerned, because the "healthy" weight loss is 10lbs a month.  

The best thing you can do is to of course exercise (You want cardo programs or aerobic type programs to strengthen and tone, not build a lot of muscle).  The key is to being active as much as possible, dancing is great, as is walking, and of course Yoga or Pilates.  Then of course a healthy diet program, not starving yourself, or omitting specific food groups from your meals; more so portion control.  

Doing something like this even while TTC will help not only with the pregnancy, but also possibly with conceiving.
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She said she is 300 pounds plus, cardio is not a good idea at this point. I think that your doctor knows best. Obviously the weight loss will help you concieve, according to your doc. My mother struggled with  weight her whole life and the doctors have always said that the benefit of losing weight (no matter how or how fast) definetly out weigh the risk of staying overweight. I would trust your doctor. Good luck!!!
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I was in the same condition your facing last year.  I was up to 295 and just had enough of it.  My cycles were not coming or anything.  I thought if I'd ever wanted a baby I'd better do something now.  All my weight gain is around my stomach which the doctor always told me it puts to much pressure on my ovaries so I went to a weight doctor and in 10 months I lost 63lbs.  Just the weight pills were a help but I also had to excerise and eat better.  There were days that I just couldn't make myself excerise do to the physcial job I have but I found a way to pull myself off the couch.  As I started losing the weight and having my cycles the same day every month.  I asked my doctor to put me on clomid and in Dec.'06 two days because Christmas I found out I was pregnant.  I've tried for 14yrs to have a child and I guess the Lord felt it was time.  I am now 17w3d.  I feel so blessed because this is my 6th pregnancy with no living children and this will be my first at the age of 35.  Take one day at a time and remember to always take a few minutes out of the day for yourself.   Miracels do happen and you will have one.  Take care.  P.S.  After my baby is born I'll be back at the drawing board with my weight again but it'll be all worth it.  
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hey guys thank you for all ur postes! immortal one i know this is not healthy but for now its the best way for me to help me lose some weight fast..so i can get preg. once  i do get preg. and hopefully give birth i will try to do it more healthy the adipex is just a appetite suppresant that conbined with a diet plan it will help me to reduce weight and give me more energy so i can work out and lose the weight quicker..-Pam. thas good wow 14 lbs owesome!! im planning it on taking it at 6 am thas the time i wake up everyday..well see how it goes!! wish me luck!!! thank you!~
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I cannot believe a reputable doc would say you could lose 50lbs in 2 months.

Healthy diet, walking and swimming are a great way to start.  Join a gym and work with a trainer who is qualified to work with people who are out of shape and have a long way to go.  

Being as fit as you can be is great when it comes time to deliver.
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my aunt could not concieve for 10 years and wasnt that heavy but still overweight.  She took Metabolife and lost 40 pounds in 2 months (which I know might be too fast), but she then got pregnant.  The dr told her she was alot healthier at her decreased weight and that might have contributed to her finally conceiving.  Good Luck!
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