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dreams/open forum :)

hi i have been having some pains in my left side and a few nights ago i woke up with this weird pain on my uterus. it was so horrible that in my dream i had the pain and then i woke up and the pain was real. do u think this is something i should worry about. i havent had that pain since then but now i have some small pains, well more like just discomfort. should i call my doc or am i just overreacting..im curently in my tww and hoping for a bfp.

i also was wondering about dreams . i always hear that pg women have vivid dreams. i always have vivid dreams although im not pg and i had a dream the other night that my sil was pg and i was still not and i was upset bc i was still having probs ttc. then last night i had a dream that i had a little girl. could these dreams mean anything or are they just that i want a baby so much that im having these dreams. plus my sil has been dreaming about fish a lot and i dunno if u ladies believe in that kinda thing but every in my fam says its gona be me. i hope it is. last time i had a dream like this my sil found out that morn that she was pg. anyway im just wondering how many women out there have had dreams like this then found out that either you or some1 in ur fam was pg.

this can also be used as an open forum!! good luck to all and congratz to those that are pg!!  :)
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I always have very vivid dreams and am not pg.
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I too have vivid dreams.  A few months back, during my tww, I dreamt that I was pg with a girl.  I got very excited that it was going to happen that month.  Well, now it's about 4 months later and no baby.  I don't mean to dash your hopes, b/c you very well could be pg (crossing fingers), but, I think that we (I) think about it so much, it does show up in dreams.  I think as women TTC, we need to not read into things so much.  I used to analyze everything to cling to hope of being pg that month, but I realized that it is just making me crazy and my body is responding to that.  We can make ourselves feel things because we think them (just like our heads itch when we hear of someone's child haivng lice).  I hope this month is the month for both of us!  I know you have been ttc for a long time, and you are in my thoughts often :)
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thx for the comments ladies. i was just askin about the dream thing cuz a few women i no really believe in the fish dreams thing. i just wanted to no if a lot of ppl really beielve in that or if its just my fam. i guess we are supersticous, lol. but i no it doesnt mean im pg. i always have vivid dreams but i always noticed on twoweekwait.com a lot of women talk about vivid dreams like if it was a sign or something and i guess it just confused me. well anyway, thx for ur thoughts and good luck to u all! :)
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Allexa, signs are so nonspecific hun.  I know you've been trying for a long time.  Anything can mean anything if you know what I mean to those ttc.  GL to u.
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ive heard about the fish dream...somewhat, im not too familiar with it though. i know my SIL had a dream about a year ago that one of her teeth feel out, and i guess in her family that means that someone close to her is going to be pregnant with in a year...well i dont think it was within a year of her dream, but i found out i was pregnant in july...and although we didnt start out as real close, she is pretty close to me now...

some people have slight psychic tendancies and are able to predict some things like that through dreams or feelings...i dont know much about that, but i do know that humans only use about 5% of their brains, so i would guess that there is room for a belief in psychics???

i know ive had dreams that i dont really remember come morning, but then later that day or a few days later, ill be doing something or having a conversation...and i would get this wierd feeling and i could tell you exactly what was going to happen next and about 90% of the time...it would happen that way

good luck on getting pregnant..if you take stock in dreams...then i hope that dream is a good sign!!
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If you're concerned about the night pains, it wouldn't hurt to ask a doctor.  Better safe than sorry.

I've been having a lot of dreams during my pregnancy...mostly they connect to subconscious thoughts and worries...for instance, in early pregnancy, I kept having dreams that I was miscarrying and now my dreams are about giving birth.  I even had one dream that I was having twins.

I hope the night pains clear up and I hope you get your +++++++++++ this month!! :)
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